Monday, April 15, 2013

Meeting Monday With Karyn from Teach Beside Me!

Hello!!  I am Karyn (pronounced car-in). I am so happy to be a guest poster today at At the Fence!  I blog at Teach Beside Me- I hope you will stop by and visit sometime!

I grew up in South Florida but now live out west in Utah right at the edge of a mountain. I have three wonderful kids ages 8, 5 and 2.  I  am married to a therapist- and yes he does try to analyze me, but it works because sometimes I need it! 

I graduated from college with a degree in Homes Economics Education. I started out teaching Foods & Nutrition classes at a high school. I loved it, but when I had my first baby, I desperately wanted to stay home and just be a mom. I finished out the school year and have never gone back to teaching- except in my home. I now homeschool my kids and it is great!  I have been homeschooling them since the oldest was preschool age.  Homeschooling has been so wonderful for our family and I am so happy I made this choice.

A few things about me... 

I LOVE to cook, especially sweets!  Along with my homeschool blog, I also write a cooking blog called Things That Make You Say: "Mmmmm!" This has been a fun way to keep my family and friends updated on all of the recipes I try as well as a fun creative outlet for me. Here is a post spotlighting some favorite recipes: 9 Easy & Healthy Meals.

I really, really like to read. I blog about books A LOT. I read all the time and because of that my kids do, too. We go to the library regularly and stock up on massive amounts of books. A few posts on my blog that may interest you if you enjoy reading: Books for Young Readers, Homeschool Support: Books, The Burgess Animal Book For Children Reading Guide.

Mostly I love doing fun projects and crafts with my kids. I blog most of all about fun learning ideas and creative projects that we do together. We love learning in hands-on ways.  Here are a few examples of the fun we have with learning:

A few more things you will find on my blog:  I host a weekly link-up party called Share It Saturday where you can share your creative posts each week. I have a weekly guest post series called "Why Homeschool?" where people share their stories of homeschooling and why they made the choice. 

Glad to meet all of you "At the Fence"!

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