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Meeting Monday with Chareen from Every Bed of Roses

Morning from Down Under! I'm Chareen a South African born, New Zealander living in Australia. I was born in South Africa where I met and married my husband Paul. We've lived in New Zealand and South Africa and have been on many adventures together over the last 23 years.  I started home educating in 1998.  I'm passionate about encouraging and helping Mom's and Dad's on the Home School Journey, sharing information over at Every Bed of Roses, Facebook, Instagram and on Pinterest.

Paul is my nature loving Zoo Keeper husband who has a gentle heart and loves the Lord and his family.  He was born and grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa where we met and married. He has been a game ranger in South Africa, managed a game farm there, managed a Wild Life Reserve in New Zealand and now works at a Zoo in Australia. He is passionate about falconry, bird watching and all things wild and wonderful. He is currently a senior keeper and trains and looks after Serval at the zoo. (Watch a presentation on YouTube)

Meet my first rose Mr T who is soon to be twenty and was my 21st birthday gift! We immigrated to New Zealand where we were introduced to the huge world of homeschooling. Together with his sister we have explored a few curriculums together. (Sonlight, Well Trained Mind, ATI)  Mr T recently had back surgery and as a result is on a journey of rediscovering a new path for himself.

This is Miss J my middle rose. Miss J is currently flatting and working as a Barista. She graduated with a Cert III in Children's Services in January 2012 and a Cert III in retail at the age of 16. She is enjoying discovering the wide world and independent living. Miss J loved reading and hated math at school. She is our beautiful social butterfly and brings joy and laughter every where she goes.

Sir N is the star of the blog. We've been on the home education journey together since 2011. With Sir N and I am aiming for a more Delight Directed Learning style following a Charlotte Mason approach with a spine built from Sonlight and Chronological History.  Over the last year I decided to make use of the community to help on our education journey and we really enjoy going on field trips together.

Thank you Lori for inviting me to come over and share with your blog friends on Meeting Monday. I have really enjoyed sharing a little about my family with you all and I hope to get to know you all a little better.



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