Friday, April 19, 2013

Knowledge Quest Timeline Builder App

Hi Neighbors!

We were recently able to review the Timeline Builder App ($6.99) from Knowledge Quest.  I have to say ahead of time this is one App we will probably use quite a bit.  This App is recommended for ages 10+, but in today's computer age, I am sure younger children could use this, even if they needed a little supervision.

The Timeline Builder App from Knowledge Quest is so easy to use and make changes to.  You can set the dates you need and quickly add information, move markers around on the timeline, and add pictures or images.  My 12 year old daughter quickly caught the hang of it and started a timeline on Laura Ingalls Wilder.  She has always enjoyed the Little House series and decided to do a timeline of Laura's life.  She did her research and started adding dates and events to her timeline.  You can see the beginning of her timeline below.

Here is the beginning of her timeline.

Something else we have been using/are using the Timeline Builder App for is creating family timelines.  The first one is for my daughter and we have added special dates in her life from her birth to present day.  She was able to add pictures she from our camera roll, right to her timeline.  I am sure this would also work great for doing genealogies or anywhere else a timeline is needed.

This App is perfect for homeschoolers who can use it in all kinds of situations.  Use it with your history lesson and plot out the events you are studying.  Use it with Bible lessons and create a Bible timeline.  This will be our next big project I think.

One of the things I like about the App is you can take it with you anywhere to work on.  We used my iPad and were able to work even while traveling.  Another benefit is you can save your timelines to your image library or email them to others.  While adding pictures you can choose from your camera roll or the App will connect you with Wikipedia and you can transfer a picture from there.  Oh, I almost forgot, you can choose from different backgrounds to suit your needs.

I do recommend the Timeline Builder App to my neighbors here At the Fence, even if you don't homeschool.  I am sure students could use these for other studies and as I mentioned above you could do a timeline for a family member.  Your children could create a special timeline for grandma and grandpa.

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