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Vision Forum Jonathan Park

Hey Neighbors!

I know I have mentioned Vision Forum here At the Fence before and it is a company my whole family enjoys!  Over the years we have purchased many items from them.  My daughters have their dolls and most of the outfits.  My sons each had their beret and an attache bag.  They filled them with supplies and played war for hours on end.  We also have the book Backyard Ballistics.  Talk about fun!  We also have several of their videos and books.  My children have also become Jonathan Park fans.  Like serious fans!  They listen to them almost every night.  So, when I was given the opportunity to review an item from Vision Forum my children all voted for the newest Jonathan Park adventure, "The Copper Scroll".  ($25)

When the package arrived I barely had time to take pictures before they were trying to get the first CD to listen too.  As a matter of fact when it came in, one of my older daughters said she was glad the younger girls were not in their room anymore because she was beginning to know the programs by heart.  I had to laugh.  They can quote several of the scenes word for word.

Now the reason I like this series is because it teaches creation from a solid Biblical viewpoint.  I like having a series I can trust that doesn't slip in views contrary to the Bible.  They also teach quite a bit about character.  I like that!  My children also like that it is Biblical, but they enjoy the adventure too!  They have already listened to the whole set and have started listening to it for the second time!  I love to have them ask if they can listen to these as they go to bed.

We use the Jonathan Park series when traveling too!  Sometimes we play it for the whole family, and other times they listen themselves on headphones.  It sure makes the trip go faster for them.

Jonathan and his family go on many adventures.  His father, Kendall is an paleontologist.  With the Creation Response team they travel around and learn about creation.  Each episode is based on real places and facts. So your children are not just getting a fiction story, they are learning creation truths.

Through the Jonathan Park adventures you will meet Jonathan and his family.  His mother and father, Angela and Kendall.  He has a sister Katie, and in the later episodes Joseph Caleb joins the family.  Their close friends the Brenans, Jim and Martha and  their two children Jessie and Ryan, who own a creation museum.  They also have another child born Summer Melody.  You will also meet the bad guys, some of whom appear more than once.  Myles Morgan actually gets saved and in one of the later episodes.

Some of the places they visit are:Germany, France, Israel, London, Galapagos Islands, the Mayan Ruins just to name a few.  In the most recent they visit Israel and London.  The Copper Scroll is about a scroll found with the Dead Sea Scrolls that describes more than sixty vast, hidden treasures and how to find them.  You will travel with the Park family as they uncover clues and travel from one Biblical location to another.  You will meet up again with Myles Morgan.  I don't want to share anymore, because I am sure you will want to hear it for yourself.

Vision Forum has all the Jonathan Park series available, as well as LEGO compatible Jonathan Park play sets.  So not only can your children listen to the Jonathan Park series, they can play with these sets and act out what they have learned.  And create adventures of their own!

A little about Vision Forum:

The mission of Vision Forum is to communicate a vision of victory to Christian families through edifying books, films, toys, curriculum, and other resources.
Every age faces crises that may prove defining to it. One of the crisis which history may record as defining our generation is the systematic annihilation of the Biblical family. The family was the first institution created by God and blessed by Christ during His earthly ministry. It is God's primary vehicle for communicating covenant promises to the next generation. It is the basic agency of dominion on earth.
While the family is under attack from every side today, God's sufficient Word provides clear direction and hope to rebuild the family, and it is our goal at Vision Forum to promote courageous fatherhood, noble motherhood, virtuous boyhood and girlhood through vision-casting discipleship tools that teach, equip, and inspire. Whether you are a father who desires to better lead your family, a homeschooling mother who is looking for Biblically-based curriculum choices, or a grandparent, child or young person who desires encouragement in your Christian walk, we have something for you.

Be sure to visit Vision Forum and see all that they have available to help build strong families for the LORD.  One neighbor will receive the Jonathan Park and The Copper Scroll adventure for their family!

Disclosure:I received no monetary for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Unknown said…
I love all their Godly little girl toys that they carry. My daughter loves the dolls! :)
Coolestmommy said…
I have heard great things about "In the Beginning" and would like to see it, too.
Alison said…
Love the outdoor play toys / action / make believe for the young boys
At the Fence said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darlene said…
I really like the Remote-Controlled Gyroscope Stealth Helicopter

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