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The Discovery of Deduction

Hi Neighbors!

I received this curriculum for review from The Old Schoolhouse. The curriculum consists of 2 books; The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic, and The Discovery of Deduction Teacher's Edition.

The Discovery of Deduction is authored by Joelle Hodge, Aaron Larsen, and Shelly Johnson. The study of formal logic is often thought of as a college subject, but Discovery of Deduction makes it easy to understand, and even a fun class, for junior-high grades. While it is recommended for use after another class/curriculum studying informal fallacies, also offered by Classical Academic Press, it is designed so if desired, you can use it with your children/students without the former curriculum study. The Discovery of Deduction makes formal and deductive logic fun and appealing for students, so they will enjoy their time spent in this interesting class.

I did an extensive perusal of The Discovery of Deduction, and we are incorporating this into my younger son's schooling. Each chapter is broken down into lessons, and children will be given to points to remember at the start of each lesson. As your child works their way through the book, the questions and assignments become more detailed. The first lesson has them define some of the key words, and answer a few other questions. Later on in the book though, they are asked to evaluate and analyze syllogisms, and even write their own. In another chapter, students are introduced to simple and complex empirical disputes, and in yet another, propositions. Personally I believe this would be a great class for every student to complete. They will learn not only how to realize when a statement is false, but also when the way someone reached a conclusion is faulty. By the time a child finishes this class, they will have a thorough understanding of formal and deductive logic. So far while using this, I haven't seen anything that would cause me to dislike the books; in fact, I would recommend it to any homeschoolers!

We actually laughed at some of the examples of logic.  We witness on the street regularly and have seen this kind of logic.  I am so glad we were able to get this book as it also helps on the street.  Here is an axample:
All killing is morally wrong.
This assignment is killing me.
Therefore this assignment is morally wrong.
I think my son might have agreed with this one! :)

You can purchase The Deduction of Logic for only $26.95, and The Discovery of Logic Teacher's Edition is available for $29.95. The Teacher's Edition contains the entire student text, as well as answer keys, teaching tips, and sample essays, dialogues and arguments. If you're serious about having your child learn from this curriculum, I recommend you purchase the Teacher's Edition in addition to the student textbook.

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