Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Safety Regulations and Screening

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My husband used to work for a company that had requirements and regulations that needed to be met for their trucks to be on the road.  Now I am not sure if they hired contractors to make sure they met and exceeded all the regulations for this.  I am sure if they did they participated in contractor screening.  If they hired a contractor they would want to make sure he had a good record.
He drove a truck something like this one.
Not only were there requirements for the trucks, there were also rules and regulations for the chemicals they carried.  He worked with a lawn spraying company that sprayed both commercial and individuals lawns.

Since the company fertilized lawns and sprayed for bugs they had to lock all chemicals up at the end of each day. Sometimes there were random checks to see if the chemical had been locked up properly.  Rules were in place as to how the chemical could be carried in the trucks, stored, and of course if there were any spills they had to be reported and cleaned up correctly.

There were certain water supply holes (for want of a better term) around the county where they were able to fill their trucks and mix the chemicals.  Even here they had to be sure they did not spill the dry chemical or overfill the truck, where it would leak on the ground.  One time one of the men was talking and not watching his tank and the truck overflowed.  When there was the occasional spill they had to call the supervisors and then have cleanup equipment brought out.  Fortunately they seldom had large spills.

The trucks had emergency equipment that was required to be carried.  Another thing I can remember is when one of the men was stopped in a local city and they were told that they all were required to have a different class drivers license.  Every employee who drove a truck had to go down and get a new license before they could go back out on the road.  It backed their work up a few days.

The uniforms they wore included heavy rubber boots and gloves.  You could actually smell the chemical on my husband when he returned home and he would shower and clean up before the children hugged him.  I am glad he is no longer with this company just because of the exposure to the chemicals.

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