Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Real Estate Searches and My Dream Home

Hi Neighbors!

Recently we have been talking quite a bit about where each family member would like to live.  One of my older daughters would LOVE to live in Texas.  She enjoys when we visit there.  One of my sons on the other hand enjoyed the mountains of Utah and Arizona.  One likes Tennessee and the surrounding areas.  As far as Kansas City Real Estate goes, no one has ever said they would like to live there, but who knows.  We will be visiting the area in the near future.   One of the many benefits of traveling is visiting all these states.

Now, one thing I like to do is look at homes.  So I enjoyed recently helping a friend research for a home.  You can actually do most of your research online and then narrow down which homes you actually want to look at.  I mean, with a family our size we definitely would not be looking at a one or two bedroom.

Our dream home would be on at least five acres, with lots of trees.  A small pond or stream would be great. I would like the home to sit back from the road and of course I would like the yard fenced.  A garage and a small shed would be ideal.  The garage for the vehicle of course and the shed for our rabbits!   We would probably build a couple of dog runs, so the dogs could be outside safely.

The home would need at least four bedrooms.  One for my husband and I, one for the older girls, one for the 2 boys and then one for the younger girls.  Upstairs bedrooms would be nice, but not necessary.  It would be nice to have a large dining room with room enough to seat all of us comfortably and maybe allow for a few guests.

I would like a large airy kitchen with plenty of storage and working space.  Since I have four daughters that all like to cook and bake we spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen.  The kitchen definitely needs to be well lit.  We recently had a problem with one of our ceiling lights and had to bring in a couple of lamps until it was repaired.

A laundry room is a necessity because we do so much laundry.  I have spent enough time and quarters running to laundromats.  I would like a line outside so we could dry the clothing outside when the weather is good.

Plenty of windows would be needed too.  We like to let in fresh air when we can, besides which it helps light up the rooms.  And of course I would love to have my back deck there too!

Am I dreaming?  Sure, but it is fun!  Maybe next time I will share my dream home for after the children are all married!  Do you like to look at homes?  What and where would your dream home be?  Thanks for stopping by today.  Be sure to come back and visit At the Fence soon!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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