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Radz Twig and Max

Hi neighbors!

You should have seen my girls when Twig and Max arrived.  They are part of the Radz collection.  They are super, cute candy dispensers!  What a perfect gift idea for a special day, or maybe to include in a gift basket!  My daughters took theirs on a recent trip with us attached to their purse strap.  Each of these little guys comes with a small bag of flavored candy to get you started..  If you purchase the refill bags, you receive a cute little pair of glasses for your Radz.

Aren't Twig and Max cute!

Each dispenser comes with a special code to be used on the Radz website to open up games, special apps, videos and more.  So not only does your child receive a really neat looking candy dispenser, they also get to go to the Radz website and find out what their code will unlock.

These are the refill packs.

Information from Radz regarding Free Apps:

Everyday Series 1 Apps • All Ages • Free!
Radz: ZapTap challenges players to catch Radz as
they fly through the air, all while avoiding pesky
fireballs that drain players’ energy. The Energize Mode
allows players to boost their energy levels by grabbing
floating Radz candy.
Radz: ZigZag is a climbing game that helps two adventurous Radz
climb cliffs to reach the elusive Radzberry Tree. Players help their Radz
swing between handholds while collecting stars and avoiding falling
boulders in this action puzzle game.
ZipFlip is a fast-paced, three-in-a-row game that challenges players to
rescue Radz from their falling candy prisons. Players continue through
multiple levels to save as many Radz as they can while discovering
power-ups and achievement awards. Simple at first, ZipFlip will
challenge even the most experienced gamers as Radz fall faster and faster
as players reach higher levels.

Another really neat thing with the Radz is that each refill pack comes with a special accessory for your character.  Twig and Max received some glasses!
Look at his glasses!

Regarding the candy:
The edible part comes in four citrusy flavors of Orange Burst, Apple Smash, Strawberry Splash and Radzberry Crush. Great for all bodies, candy treats are peanut-free, gluten-free and kosher certified.

To open Twig and Max, or for that matter any other Radz character, simply twist their hair clockwise to expose the hole where you insert the candies!  Simple!

He is filled and just needs closed to be ready to go.
Push his hair back and he dispenses the candy on his tongue!
About Radz:

The wacky refillable dispensers are the brainchild of Elliott, a Stanford grad who studied Child
Development and post graduation taught at Stanford’s Bing Nursery School. After two successful
software start-ups and designing children's products as a hobby, he had his a-ha moment for an entirely
new play experience that was safe, fun and innovative. Today as Chief Radz and President of Radz
Brands, Elliott explained his concept to trade publication Candy Industry:
“The entire Radz concept is a compilation of these various industries from children’s
media and interactive properties, entertainment, software and core product design. We
came up with the Radz concept as a really cool stand-alone candy dispenser. We then
created interchangeable parts, and finally decided to marry Radz with a robust software
platform that we were building.”

See how easy it is to fill!

 Now, we did visit Radz website and entered our code.  Then we checked out a few of the games.  And for the record the ones we tried are simple, fun games.  One is a matching game, where you click to flip over and find matching pictures.  One we thought was fun is the Peps Peak where you are guiding him down a snow covered mountain and have to avoid the obstacles while collecting coins.

I think most of my neighbors will find Radz to be pretty neat!  Be sure to check out their website and maybe leave a comment here letting me know which character you like best.  Personally we are hoping to get the winter ones!  You can visit their website here, to find a retailer near you.  I did notice that Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores and several specialty stores carry Radz in our state.  If all else fails you can also order them online.  Prices range from: $4.99-$7.99, right in the allowance price range.

Thanks for visiting today neighbors!  Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive product for review purposes. All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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