Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Online Classes

Hi Neighbors!

I am looking around for some online courses for the family.  We are looking at first aid courses, cake decorating, babysitting, and any other fun type classes the children might be interested in.  With our schedule it is way too hard to run around to a local college for different classes.  Utah State Online Classes might be an option, but I am still trying to do research ahead of time.

I have seen some options from local colleges and even a few of the craft stores, but with six different people and six different interests it would be much easier if we could find some online courses.  Do you know of any great courses?  My oldest son is taking a tax preparers online course.  It started out as a correspondence course, but the company was slowly make the change over to an online course.  Since this is easier for him, he has chosen to go this route.  No more having to mail in the answers or quizzes, now he can just go online, complete the lesson and then take the tests.  His grades are easily accessible and he can contact his teacher quickly through email.

We have also taken a Spanish Course online that was really GREAT.  The class was over Skype.  I thought this was a nice way to do the course since they could see their teacher, ask her questions and she was able to correct their pronunciation immediately.  She gave them assignments that they had to do between classes and then email to her.  She would grade them and email them back before the next course.  Another nice thing was two of them were able to take this course together.

I would like to find an interior decorating class or a cake decorating class.  I used to help my grandmother, who baked and decorated wedding cakes and I would enjoy doing some of that myself.  She only did cakes on the weekends out of her home.  She taught me some of the techniques, but I would really like to take a refresher course.  A floral arranging class would be fun too!

Have you ever taken any online courses.  Are they any you can recommend?  I am looking for both the boys and girls.  And myself, of course!  Leave a comment and let me know.  See you At the Fence soon!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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