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Meeting Monday with Monica from 3 Crazy Monkeys!

Welcome to our little corner of the world. Our blog is about the crazy life of me and my 3 monkeys hence my blog name “3 Crazy Monkey’s”. I have always called my kids monkeys, since they were little. Seemed only fitting!
We live in the very back woods of Maine. Maine is a great place to live when raising kids, or so I think. We live in the woods, where the kids love to play in mud, climb tree’s, and have a fun!
I’m Mama Monkey. . .

I am a 30 something year old, creative, on the go mom. I have always been a Stay at home mom, and starting 3 years ago I added being a homeschool mom to that list. I am a big community supporter, getting involved where I can, and helping out where I’m needed. I always take on to much, but don’t know how to say no. (Especially if it involves one of my kids) Currently I teach two of my kids, babysit, drive everyone (hubby included to work everyday 100 miles twice a day round trip), help with our homeschool co-op, help with 4-H, girl scout leader, and help my mom take care of my stepfather who has Alzheimer’s. See crazy!
I have a love of photography, so in my very limited spare time you will see me taking photo’s. I love to experiment and see what cool pictures I can get. I always have a camera close, or on me! Love to do craft projects, cook, and spend time outside.
Meet Monkey Man. . .

The oldest, he is going to be 11 yrs. old in a few more weeks. Wow, where has the time gone? He is an outdoor loving, star wars playing, wild boy! He is absolutely all boy. . . Playing in the mud, and digging in the dirt. Currently getting ready to start 6th grade. Started in public school, only went until he was in 3rd grade, been homeschooled ever since. Monkey Man loves to read, and just finished 8th grade math. Makes my days very interesting!
Middle Monkey:

Is a very interesting character. God love her! She is my middle child, and is very different than my other two. Life with her has been challenging at times, but finally we have figured out that she has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). Middle Monkey is a very creative, drama filled, dancing queen! She loves movement, whether it be spinning, jumping, or bouncing. I started homeschooling her when she was in 1st grade, up until the last month. Due to the SPD, I had to put her in Public School. She was becoming very unsocial. . .
Recently she has become so much happier. She has made many friends, and enjoys being at school. I’m very happy this is working out for her.
Little Monkey:

My youngest child and it shows most days. She is a bit clingy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Hard to believe she just turned 8 yrs. old, the time is flying. Little Monkey is just that little. She wears glasses, cause she had a serve lazy eye, but surgery has fixed that.
She is full of life, and a very happy child. Never a dull moment, she loves to make us laugh. Little Monkey is also very creative, and loves to dance. A very good reader, you will always find her reading, even if that means an instruction book! Ha-ha! She is also a lover of Lala Loopsy!
So there you have our family! My kids keep me very busy, but we love homeschooling. We are going on our 3rd year now. I never really thought it would go as well as it is. The best decision I have ever made!
Please swing by our blog, and tell us what you think. We love to share our favorite products, and tell you about some of the Homeschool products we use, all while enjoying our crazy life! 


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