Friday, March 8, 2013

Finding the Perfect Dress

Since we’re headed for sunny skies and an Easter holiday, you might be thinking about what perfect outfit to wear. You can never go wrong with a dress and in fact, a dress that’s elegant and lovely will be the perfect spring time outfit. Whether you choose to pair it with a loose tee underneath or a tank top depending on the weather is up to you, but a dress will put you in the mood to truly enjoy spring time when it finally arrives. Accessorize it with flats and a pearl necklace to make it extra girlie and simple. Use your imagination and create a feminine staple that’s beautiful.

Maxi Dress – A maxi dress is often worn in tropical locations, but of course a maxi can be worn anywhere. It goes wonderfully with gladiator sandals, but it also looks great paired with a pair of flats or boots depending on your preference. Pair your maxi dress with a jean jacket in the evenings when it gets chilly and don’t be afraid of color – there are lots of fun spring time colors to play with. If budget is an issue there are always coupon codes to use on your favorite sites. The New York and Company coupons list is here.

Chiffon Dress – Light and airy, a chiffon dress is both elegant and lightweight. If you’re transitioning from wearing heavier dresses during the winter to lightweight spring time wear you’ll no doubt feel the difference. What’s more, a chiffon dress goes well with flats, dainty jewelry that adds the perfect touch, and is perfect for spring time holidays like Easter.

Sparkles and Lace Dress – Usually a dress has either sparkles or lace, but not both combined. However, a new trend is emerging and now you will find a dress that focuses on both of these features. Wear this type of gorgeous frock to a family function and the sparkles will be an elegant look. With this type of dress, it is fun to embrace such a whimsical look that’s perfect for spring.

High Low Dress – Another fun trend is the high low dress, which is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Even though it is shorter in the front doesn’t mean that the dress has to be worn super short. Choose from a selection of high low dresses that still have the appropriate length you’re looking for – the front can be as long as you’d like it to be and can even go past your knees depending on your height. This is another fun trend that’s great to wear throughout spring and summer.

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