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Ever had a Process Server Visit?

Hi Neighbors!

How is your day going?  I just have to share a little event with you.  One day when my husband and I were out I received a phone call from my daughter stating that a Sheriff's officer had been out and served me with papers.  No, not a California process server, but a local sheriff's deputy.  Needless to say we hurried back to see exactly what the problem was.

It seems I was supposedly a witness to a robbery!  WOW!  I called the attorney and found out all the pertinent information, like the location and date.  I was able to inform him I was not the person they were looking for as I was out of state at the time of the robbery.  OK, no problem.  I was told not to worry about it.

Well... that wasn't the end.  About two weeks later I was home and I heard a knock on the door.  I looked out and imagine my surprise to see another officer.  I quickly answered the door.  Well, now the defense attorney wanted me to appear.  I told the officer that I had just dealt with this a couple of weeks prior.  He had to call in to the office and explain the situation.  After a couple of phone calls to confirm what I told him, he left with the paperwork in hand.

I still have a hard time believing there was another woman with my first and last name in the same county.  the attorney I spoke to, said it was possible that she had given false information or it was just one of those strange things that happen.  They did at least have enough information that they were able to tell I was not the one they were looking for.  Now, I am just wondering if they ever found her.

Have you ever had papers served?  I was a little concerned when they first showed up and it didn't help any that they came back a second time.  You would think the two attorneys would at least share information like that.  Oh well, at least it all worked out.  Fell free to share your experience if you would like!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


debbie said…
In my first year of college (it was just a local, small community college) there apparently was a professor with my same name that taught there. I started receiving her paychecks in the mail. I returned them to the college as soon as I got them. They were awful about it. Gave me the third degree, like I was trying to scam them. I said I am trying to return them, how is that scamming them? I didn't get even a thank you for being honest about it. When it happened again the next month, the exact same thing happened again.

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