Friday, March 22, 2013

Esthetics and Beauty Supplies

Hello neighbors! Yes, I am excited. It is finally starting to warm up around here! Not quite the typical spring weather yet, but at least all the snow is melted, the sun is coming out, and we are supposed to reach all the way up to the mid-50's today. I know, a real scorcher, right?! I have a question for my neighbors today. Have any of you ever used Advanced Aesthetics or a similar service? 

Skin care is something most people (especially women) worry about. With 4 daughters, we have certainly used more than our share of various skin care products! It seems like each daughter needs a different brand or type of skin care; some have oily skin and need more acne prevention or treatment, and others have dry skin thus needing more moisturizing in their products. One of my daughters has very sensitive skin, so she needs something very gentle and fragrance free for cleansing and even moisturizing. She develops a rash simply by using a perfumed body wash, so we have to be very careful for her. Needless to say, our bathroom cabinets are all packed full of a multitude of skin care products! Seriously; we go in and do a deep cleaning every couple of months, and throw out some of the almost-empty or "this didn't work good for me" bottles, and somehow we end up with even more bottles, jars and containers crammed back in, in less than a week. When each of the 4 girls has their own skin care routine that can include anywhere from 3-5 steps or products, plus all the brands or types they've tried and didn't care for-I'm sure you can imagine the resulting storage situation in our bathroom.

One of my daughters has tried one of the popular chemical peels; she's a little more adventurous than I am when it comes to skin care! She was very pleased with the results, and said she could tell a noticeable difference in her skin. Have any of my neighbors ever used a chemical peel? What did you think; worth the time and expense, or no?

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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