Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Vacation to Nantucket

Hi Neighbors!

I have considered several places I would like to visit and one of them is Nantucket.  It would be fun to stay in one of the Nantucket hotels and spend a week or so just to have fun!  My family LOVES to visit the shore and this is one place we have never visited.  We have been up and down the east coast, but somehow Nantucket has never been one of our destinations.  Sometimes we like to camp, but hotel stays are even better!

I like to visit and take pictures of lighthouses.  Nantucket has three of them, Brant Point Light, Sankaty Head Light and Great Point Light.  I would want to visit all three. Sunrise and sunset scenes, the beach, and of course the children having fun also make great pictures!  As a rule we like to take long walks along the shore, collecting shells, sand dollars and other interesting items.  Previously we have found seahorses and sharks teeth.  Picnics on the beach are fun too as long as it is not too crowded or too windy.  And of course bike rides on the beach are at the top of our list.  You need beach cruisers for this, so we would probably have to rent some.

We would probably also visit some of the museums.  There is a whaling museum that looks like it would be really fun to visit.  You can see the 46 foot skeleton of a Sperm Whale found New Years Day in 1998.  There are several other historic sites we would include in our visit like the Old Mill and Quaker Meeting House.

I think the kids would like to visit the Aquarium too!  They have a touch tank where children can touch some of the sea creatures.  And you can take one of their marine life walks.

A boat tour would be on my to do list.  There are whale watches, seal cruises, and even sailboat adventures.  Could you imagine seeing whales and seals?  More photo opps!

I think we could have a good time exploring Nantucket.  Have any of my neighbors ever visited Nantucket?  Can you recommend some good sites to visit? Or perhaps you know of a good restaurant in the area?  Leave a comment!

Thanks again for visiting At the Fence and come back by soon for another visit.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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