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Check Out This Spring Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors! This is going to be a "I am Happy it is Spring" giveaway.  I am starting a box today.  It already has several little items in it.  I am going to keep adding items over the month of April.  The first week of May, I am going to mail the box to one of my neighbors!  I will post when I have added something new, and when I do I will occasionally add a new way to enter.  What else will I add?  It just depends! You never know what might be added.  Currently there are 2 travel type games, one travel pillow, a small box of Zoobs and a coupon for a free bottle of Purex.  Be sure to share this giveaway with your friends! Hurry up and start entering and then be sure to stop back by to see what gets added!

Spring Painting Projects!

Hi Neighbors! As you well know we have done quite a bit of adding to and improving the home here.  Between re-doing the front porch, adding a walkway to the road and of course the back deck we were quite busy until winter set in.  Then we all went in to hibernation mode, except for the trip to Florida.  Well, now that spring is hopefully peeking around the corner, we are preparing to kick back into busy!  Remember the deck? Now it needs stained since the wood has been allowed to season.  We can get started as soon as all the snow is gone.  This is where hopefully I will get to step in.  Have I ever done any Boston Painting ?  No, but growing up with a father who worked for his father in a painting business, I did get some experience.  I was able to help on weekends and over the summer. I started out just painting baseboards and cutting in windows and such, all the small jobs.  Tedious work, but it not only taught patience, but now I can paint a whole room and do a pretty good jo

LYSOL, Healthing, the YMCA and You!

Hi Neighbors! I am seriously so excited that spring is on it's way.  Winter has lasted way too long this year.  I mean we still have areas of snow melting in our yard.  Amazing!  Anyway I wanted to ask you about your spring cleaning. Do you hustle around and open windows and start cleaning at the first sign of spring?  I do!  To me it is just so nice to get fresh air circulating in the house, even if it is still a bit chilly.  And of course spring is when I start cleaning.  I want everything fresh! LYSOL is concerned about helping you clean and be healthy.  They are calling it healthing!  You can find out more about Healthing at the LYSOL website . So as you begin to plan dusting, cleaning, sweeping and wiping everything down, remember to also rid your home of those germs that have been brought in.  Whether the children bring them in after playing outside, your spouse brings them home from work, or your pets might even tramp some in.  Start healthing with Lysol!  You can downlo

Picture Keeper and MailPix

Hi Neighbors! I have a really neat product to share with you.  It is called Picture Keeper .  Right now MailPix is offering one free with every order placed.  You only pay shipping! The Picture Keeper is so easy to use.  Just plug it in to your computer via USB and it collects and stores all your photos.  It will find your photos and then archive them for you.  And it will only save them once, it won't double up every time you use it.  Each time you plug it in it finds the new pictures and saves them.  I like this! There are a couple of different Picture Keepers available with different storage sizes.  And the Picture Keeper is compatible with both PC and Mac.  Unfortunately, I filled mine the first time I connected to my PC.  I think I need a larger one! Someone asked me the difference between a Picture Keeper and a flash drive.  The biggest difference I would say is that the Picture Keeper automatically stores your photos, you don't have to go in and choose files

Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash 6+

Hello Neighbors! Here is another GREAT Dial Kids product!  This is the Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash for ages 6+.  It is Watery Melon scented.  My daughter really likes the fragrance of this one!  I also think she likes being able to use one bottle for both her hair and her body.  Then of course she also likes that it is hers and she doesn't have to share with anyone else! From Dial: Dial ®  gives kids a choice of lively, freshly scented products specially formulated to keep young skin soft and healthy. So clean can be as good feeling as it is good fun. Watery Melon is also tear free and hypoallergenic as it was also developed with pediatric dermatologists.  You can rest assured that it is safe for your child's skin.  I know I prefer my daughter to be using something designed for children rather than adults. Plus, like I said she sort of enjoys having her own that no one else is supposed to touch, especially since her slightly older sister has her own product

A Vacation to Nantucket

Hi Neighbors! I have considered several places I would like to visit and one of them is Nantucket.  It would be fun to stay in one of the Nantucket hotels and spend a week or so just to have fun!  My family LOVES to visit the shore and this is one place we have never visited.  We have been up and down the east coast, but somehow Nantucket has never been one of our destinations.  Sometimes we like to camp, but hotel stays are even better! I like to visit and take pictures of lighthouses.  Nantucket has three of them, Brant Point Light, Sankaty Head Light and Great Point Light.  I would want to visit all three. Sunrise and sunset scenes, the beach, and of course the children having fun also make great pictures!  As a rule we like to take long walks along the shore, collecting shells, sand dollars and other interesting items.  Previously we have found seahorses and sharks teeth.  Picnics on the beach are fun too as long as it is not too crowded or too windy.  And of course bike rid

Affiliate Marketing

Hi Neighbors! I thought about signing up for an affiliate marketing program, but I am not sure if I want to or not.  Have any of you ever worked with orangesoda affiliate marketing ?  I am just not sure on the decision yet.  What do my neighbors think?  Would it just be a distraction on the site, or do you think you might enjoy having affiliate ads on At the Fence? I know there are a few sites that I have seen and that have way too much on their sites.  Their pages are just much too cluttered.  You know what I am talking about, they seem to advertise on every corner of their site every product they have ever reviewed.  I don't want to look like that.  I want At the Fence to be a pleasant place to visit.  Somewhere you can stop, take a break from your busy day and find interesting articles, reviews, and giveaways.  Not where you are constantly having ads appear, requesting you to purchase something and popping up on every article. I need some feedback from my neighbors here.  

Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash Ages 2+

Hi Neighbors! Here is a really great product for review, Dial Kids. We received the Peachy Clean body wash for children ages 2+. It smells really great! Dial has been developing trusted personal care products for clean, healthy skin for 65 years. Now they are moving into kid's personal care with their new Dial Kids Body& Hair Wash. Not only that, but they offer age appropriate products. The new line was developed with pediatric dermatologists. They combined the shampoo and body wash to make a GREAT 2 in 1 formula for one speedy step. Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash is created for those children who have outgrown newborn soaps, yet are not ready for adult strength body and hair products. The product provides gentle cleansing with a nice, pleasant scent. And it is fun for them to have their own nourishing body wash! Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash is: Tear free Hypoallergenic No artificial dyes or added parabens Ph balanced Click on the URL bel

Auto Service with Real Service

Hi Neighbors! Recently, we had our vehicles in for a routine check-up, along with our friends vehicle. He used to live in Ohio and go to a place like: . So this time he went to the same shop we did. We had a coupon for a routine checkup that they allowed us to use on all four vehicles. Yes, I said all four! We took three of them in the same day. One of his was towed in, because after sitting in the cold and snow for a few weeks the emergency brake would not release. So we knew before we started that at least one repair was needed! My husband and one of our sons drove the other two vehicles over. They had to hang around for a couple of hours until one of the vehicles was done so they could drive home. That was not a problem because they went to a couple of stores and then had lunch together. Mexican of course! The first vehicle just needed the brakes repaired, a minor repair. Then came the bad news. Both other vehicles had a couple of m

Have You Had Any Plumbing Problems This Winter?

Hello Neighbors! Have you had any plumbing problems this winter?  We have had some minor outside ones.  Right before winter set in we unhooked all the hoses to the sprinklers up front.  Then we drained all the hoses.  We left them in place, but they were drained and dried out before the first freeze ever hit.  We covered most exposed pipes.  So there were no problems there. The problems began with the first freeze when we went to water the dogs, rabbits and to clean the kennels.  No water!  That was a problem.  How do you hose out kennels without water?  Well, we decided we would just not use the smaller kennels.  We used a push broom and cleaned them the best we could and when we had a nice day and actually had water we went ahead and cleaned them and then didn't use them much the rest of the winter. The rabbits were a little easier to solve, but it took more work.  We purchased extra water bottles and twice a day went out and made sure they had not frozen.  If they did

I Lost My Wedding Ring

Hi Neighbors, Would you believe I lost my wedding ring not once, not twice, but three times!  Now I did not loose my wedding rings Utah , Arizona, or New Mexico, but it was in the south twice.  We started out with matching wedding bands.  Not expensive, but nice.  About two to three months after we were married we went to the beach and were tossing a football around.  Somehow in all the fun and excitement, my ring flew off.  Needless to say we never saw it again.  Between the sand and everyone running it around it was lost forever. Move forward about two years.  We had replaced my wedding band, but it no longer matched.  At this time I was expecting our first child.  Like many women, I experienced swollen fingers, so I occasionally removed my band and placed it in a safe place.  Usually on a tray in our bedroom, or if we were out I zipped it into a pocket in my wallet. time while we were out I forgot to bring my purse.  My fingers started swelling, so I removed my ring.

Safety Regulations and Screening

Hey neighbors! My husband used to work for a company that had requirements and regulations that needed to be met for their trucks to be on the road.  Now I am not sure if they hired contractors to make sure they met and exceeded all the regulations for this.  I am sure if they did they participated in contractor screening .  If they hired a contractor they would want to make sure he had a good record. He drove a truck something like this one. Not only were there requirements for the trucks, there were also rules and regulations for the chemicals they carried.  He worked with a lawn spraying company that sprayed both commercial and individuals lawns. Since the company fertilized lawns and sprayed for bugs they had to lock all chemicals up at the end of each day. Sometimes there were random checks to see if the chemical had been locked up properly.  Rules were in place as to how the chemical could be carried in the trucks, stored, and of course if there were any spills they had

What Kind of Shaving Products Do You and Your Family Use?

Hello Neighbors! I was just wondering what kind of shaving products you and your family use.  I mean each member of my family seems to have a slightly different routine and they use different products.  The older girls like to use shaving gels, usually with a moisturizer in it.  They each have their own.  My younger two girls are shaving now and one of them uses a shaving cream.  They often apply a moisturizing lotion afterward. My husband only shaves his neck and he uses a disposable razor with shaving cream and sometimes a gel.  My oldest son uses an electric razor we bought him after he started his job.  He finds this much easier to use as he shaves daily.  My younger son has a unique razor as it charges with a USB cord if needed.  My daughter found it for his birthday.  Both boys use a moisturizer or after shave when they are done shaving.  Sometimes when they both shave near the same time, you do not want to enter their bathroom.  It ends up smelling pretty strong. I us

Adventus Music Program

Hey Neighbors! I was given the chance to review the  Adventus   MusIQ Homeschool program through the TOS Crew. This program is designed for ages 4-Adult.  For this program you did need internet connection and a midi keyboard.  These are required.  You can choose monthly payments of $10.95 a month which includes unlimited, full-feature access.  Or if you prefer to purchase the CD version, there are still many options to choose from.  You can purchase just the early learning portion for ages 4-10, the entire program for all ages,  year by year, or there is a bundle that even includes a keyboard.  You can learn more about the multi-level pricing options here . My 12 year old has been desiring to learn piano for some time.  Unfortunately because we travel so much this has not been possible.  She has occasionally received instruction from individuals we know when we were in their area, but then you run into each person playing a little differently.  So we decided this program woul

Real Estate Searches and My Dream Home

Hi Neighbors! Recently we have been talking quite a bit about where each family member would like to live.  One of my older daughters would LOVE to live in Texas.  She enjoys when we visit there.  One of my sons on the other hand enjoyed the mountains of Utah and Arizona.  One likes Tennessee and the surrounding areas.  As far as Kansas City Real Estate goes, no one has ever said they would like to live there, but who knows.  We will be visiting the area in the near future.   One of the many benefits of traveling is visiting all these states. Now, one thing I like to do is look at homes.  So I enjoyed recently helping a friend research for a home.  You can actually do most of your research online and then narrow down which homes you actually want to look at.  I mean, with a family our size we definitely would not be looking at a one or two bedroom. Our dream home would be on at least five acres, with lots of trees.  A small pond or stream would be great. I would like the home to

Purex Natural Elements

Hi Neighbors! We have another exciting new fragrance from Purex to review!  This one is called Purex Natural Elements.  It is a Tropical Splash scented liquid detergent.  With a combined fragrance of pineapple, coconut and distant flowers you will feel like going on a tropical vacation. Because it is from the Natural Elements line the formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin.  The biodegradable formula promotes green cleaning practices. Purex Natural Elements, Tropical Splash is hypoallergenic and dye free.  It packs the cleaning power of Purex with DirtLift Action.  It is available in 50, 75 and 100 oz. sizes. This should be perfect for my daughter who is sensitive to many soaps and detergents.  It should still have enough clean power to remove some of my toughest stains.  Like I said in a previous post, with all this snow melting we are ending up with mud everywhere, including our clothing.  Of course dogs leaping on us while outside doesn't help any! Now, how

Meeting Monday with Karen from Tots and Me

I wanted to thank Lori for allowing me to introduce myself and my blog here on Meeting Monday. It's a real pleasure to be here.   My name is Karen and I've been blogging over at  Tots and Me  for a little over 3 years.  My husband and I have 4 young children who we are homeschooling, though we both have older children from previous marriages who have gone through/are going through the public school system.  Our older children do not find their way on to my blog very often as they are out of the house (being 21, 20, 20, 20, 19, 18 and 16 years of age).  Dealing with the school system for so many years is one of the many reasons we know we want to homeschool our young children. When I started my blog, Tabitha was 2 years old and I had been doing random crafts with her for a while. We had just started focusing on a letter of the week and I wanted to be able to share with other moms. Tabitha is now 6 years old and we started our My Father's World Kindergarten curricul

The Discovery of Deduction

Hi Neighbors! I received this curriculum for review from The Old Schoolhouse. The curriculum consists of 2 books;  The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic , and The Discovery of Deduction Teacher's Edition . The Discovery of Deduction is authored by Joelle Hodge, Aaron Larsen, and Shelly Johnson. The study of formal logic is often thought of as a college subject, but Discovery of Deduction makes it easy to understand, and even a fun class, for junior-high grades. While it is recommended for use after another class/curriculum studying informal fallacies, also offered by Classical Academic Press , it is designed so if desired, you can use it with your children/students without the former curriculum study. The Discovery of Deduction makes formal and deductive logic fun and appealing for students, so they will enjoy their time spent in this interesting class. I did an extensive perusal of The Discovery of Deduction, and we are incorporating this into my y

Soft Scrub Advanced Surface

Hi Neighbors! We are spring cleaning today, even though I am not sure spring is here yet!  Someone said we were going to get snow again tomorrow!  So, while we are cleaning I want to share the Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Cleaner*Polish. It can be used on many surfaces, like; granite, stainless steel, marble, etc.  My favorite place to use it though is on my glass top stove!  It works wonders.  I had a cleaner I was using on a regular basis before, but I will be moving over to Soft Scrub Advanced Surface from now on.  I am really hoping you can see from the pictures how well it works.  Unfortunately, because it is a glass top, I had trouble taking a picture without a glare.  Trust me though, it worked great. One of the children had boiled some pasta and the water boiled over leaving a mess on the stove top.  After allowing it to cool, I used the Soft Scrub Advanced Surface.  It cleaned it off, easily.  I am really trying to keep the stove top clean and looking nice, so