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Traveling with Galison Mudpuppy

Hey neighbors!

So good to have a minute to visit with you here At the Fence.  We have been so busy.  Now, let me share with you about traveling with Galison Mudpuppy, and no I am not referring to one of my children, or the dog.  Galison Mudpuppy is a company that has some really fascinating toys and games for children, among other things.  We were able to bring a few Galison Mudpuppy products with us on this trip.

First off is an adorable Cupcakes Diary ($10.99).  Perfect for recording highlights of our trip.  And my daughter loves that it has it's own lock and key to prevent prying brothers from reading what she has written.  In the front is a place to put her name.  Each lined page, in pink of course, has hearts and a cupcake.  How sweet!  This is the perfect size to slip into a purse or backpack for travel.

Next from Galison Mudpuppy is the Sweet Treats Double Draw ($9.99).  Entertainment for when the trip starts to get a little boring, or when you are sitting in a restaurant waiting for your meal.  This little book can be a whole lot of fun!  The book opens in the center and the pages are half pages on each side of the book.  Every other page is a blank page, so you can complete the drawing!  One half will have a half picture of a sweet treat and your child can finish the drawing themselves.  They can draw the right half, or change and draw the left half.  They can put two blank pages together and draw their own sweet treat.  Or they can match them up and color them.  You can even mix them up and color them!  Definitely a great book for a trip!

Last on our list from Galison Mudpuppy this trip is the Sweet & Treats Magnetic Design Set ($16.99).  Another great item for keeping children entertained while traveling or sitting at a table.  (Even when visiting relatives!)  The Sweet & Treats Magnetic Design Set comes stored inside a tin.  The tin is not only the carrying case, but it is your child's play space as well.

Inside the tin are 3 sheets of magnetic pieces, all kinds of sweet treats.

Also included are 2 double-sided play scenes for your child to decorate and design.

Just pop out the magnetic play pieces, place your choice of scene in the top or bottom of the tin and begin decorating.  This should provide hours of fun for your child on the road.  They can design a scene, take it apart and start over, or choose a new background and begin a new design.  Cake, cupcakes, strawberries, cookies, and candies galore to decorate with.  When done, they just place everything back into the tin for next time!

Each of these items from Galison Mudpuppy were perfect for the trip and made the time in the vehicle more enjoyable.  They gave my daughter extra things to do both while traveling and later in the hotel room or at a restaurant.  Thank you Mudpuppy for providing these for our Florida in February Event.

A little about Galison Mudpuppy:
Galison was founded in 1979 to work with museums to make their imagery widely available in the form of well-designed and manufactured paper products. We published some books and calendars before focusing on boxed notecards, fine art stationery, greeting cards, personalized Christmas cards (for individuals and businesses), note cards, journals, and other gift products for writers. Until recently, we did business as GMG Publishing, and were known in the trade as Galison Books, Galison, or Galison/Mudpuppy. 

Although we use a lot of fresh, contemporary designs, we maintain a core group of products using fine art images, and both Galison and Mudpuppy products are popular in museum stores. Our fine art stationery is also found in the best gift, stationery, book, and department stores. 

Mudpuppy Press was launched in 1992. From an early specialization in puzzles, we expanded to our current award-winning offering of puzzles, journals, diaries, educational games, toys, and stationery gifts for children and the young at heart. 

Now the really, great news is, one neighbor will receive the same set we did.  (I am going to check and see if there is an equivalent set should you want one for a boy.)  I will try and add that to this post.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive 3 items from Galison Mudpuppy for review purposes.  All quotes are taken directly from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Darlene said…
I also like the Counting Fruits & Veggies Ring Flash Cards
I like their magnetic car crazy design set.
Miranda said…
my kids would love the Make a Mask
Nknouse22 said…
I like the Room to Play Play Scene
Anne D. said…
I like the Robots Money Bank
annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

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