Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tool Storage

Hi neighbors!

How do you all store your tools?  We recently purchased new Storage Tool Boxes.  We went with one of the stackable kind.  The base is on wheels and then there are two other pieces that stack on top with drawers.  When we get back we will be arranging everything in the new storage cabinet.  My husband and sons will be in charge of keeping it neat and organized.  It sure will be nice to be able to actually find a screwdriver when you need one.

What kind of storage do you use?  Do you have a tool box or cabinet?  Maybe you just have a drawer you throw tools in.  I have one of those in the kitchen, everything ends up in there.  Tools, screws, nails, anything we are too lazy to take to the basement.  I actually have a small shoe bin sitting at the top of the steps for these things, but somehow they sit there forever.

Do you have a truck?  What about tools in the back of your truck?  We have considered picking up a tool box for the back of the pickup.  We want to have tools handy when they are needed.  We like the ones that fit across the bed of the truck, near the cab.  I am thinking these would be best since we also use the truck for hauling and towing.

What do you think?  Any opinions out there?

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