Thursday, February 28, 2013

Speeding Tickets

Hi Neighbors!

Anyone ever received  speeding tickets California style?  OK, in all our travels we have only been to California once and never received a speeding ticket. Now, I will tell you right up front, I do not drive.  I had my learners permit, but never went on to get a license.  I didn't want one.  I HATE driving.

My husband has done all the driving over the years and in all that time (30 years) he has never had a speeding ticket. Realize he we have been on the road full time for over 10 years.  He was pulled over once for going the speed limit in the fast lane.  Personally I never understood that one!

The only other time he came close was when a speed limit sign was blocked from sight.  He was pulled over and when the officer still ticketed him, he decided to contest it in court.  He took pictures and went in prepared to argue his case.  He never had to though because the officer never showed up, so the judge dismissed the ticket.

We now have six drivers in the family.  Both my older daughters drive, along with my oldest son.  Then my younger son and fifteen year old daughter each have their permits.  So far no tickets at all.  I would love for it to stay that way.

We do know several people who have had speeding tickets.  As a matter of fact some friends of ours have three sons who each received a ticket within three to four months of getting their license.  I was totally amazed that they took it so lightly.  It was almost like a badge to them.  And of course they have had others since then.

How about my neighbors?  Have you ever received a speeding ticket?  Did you deserve it?  Have any of you ever fought the ticket and won?  I personally don't like to ride with someone who goes over the speed limit regularly.  Yes, I am aware that you can be driving along with traffic and not realize that you are speeding, but I am talking about those who take it lightly and find pleasure in speeding.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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