Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plumbing Problems? Roto-Rooter

Hey neighbors!

Since I have been married we have lived in many different states.  We started out in FLorida and then have since lived all up and down the east coast.  Throughout our thirty years of marriage we have had many different plumbing problems.  Form broken water lines, a leaky hot water heater, a backed up septic system and of course the usual blockages in pipes.  Many times we were able to make repairs ourselves or call a friend or relative that had some plumbing knowledge.  Occasionally we have had to call in the professionals.  You know the type of problem where someone yells call a plumber.  You may have seen ads that say: see Roto-Rooter.

My husband will tell you that when it comes to plumbing as long as it is an easy fix, or something he can actually get to he will work on it with the boys.  Should the repair be more difficult or technical then we need help.  He has replaced pipes, replaced a toilet, repaired minor leaks and removed small clogs.  As the boys grew he would have them assist so they could learn a little about plumbing repairs.  They started out just handing him the tools or whatever he might need, along with running errands.  Then they were able to actually help with the repairs.  Now both of them are capable of handling the smaller repairs.  Of course if we ever have to big a problem we call in help.

Who do you turn to for plumbing repairs?  Do you or a spouse do the repairs?  Maybe you happen to have a friend who is good at repairing plumbing problems.  Or do you need to call in a professional?  (not that your spouse or friend is not a professional.

We have a good friend who has done some of the repairs for us.  He put in our kitchen sink, along with the counters!  He has also solved some of our large plumbing clogs, like the one that needed repaired in the basement.  The clog was so far down in the pipe he had to cut it open in the basement and then repair it there.  So, glad we know someone who has the knowledge to work on the larger problems. He is also going to lay some water pipes this spring in the back yard so we do not have to stretch a hose all the way around back.  I can't wait for this to happen.  He will also be adding a few extra spigots!  Yeah!

I will be sure to share updates with you!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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