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Meeting Monday with Kristi from The Potter's Hand

    Hi Neighbors!
I'm Kristi, and you can find me at The Potter's Hand Academy. My husband, Patrick, and I have been blessed to be married going-on 13 years. We met in Virginia Beach, VA, where both of us were active duty in the military; Patrick was in the US Army, and I was in the US Navy. It's been a rough and rocky road, filled with blessings and amazing twists and turns. We've gotten wonderful, amazing advice from wonderful, amazing people, and we've sorted through really bad advice. Through it all, God has brought us closer to Him, and closer to each other, in ways that we could only imagine. Patrick and I are wonderful complements to each other in so many ways, and I can truly see through our marriage how man and woman complete each other. He really is my Prince Charming!    

My Prince Charming
My Prince Charming!

We've been blessed to have 6 beautiful children. Kaitlyn is 11, Danny is 10, Sean is our 5 year old, and the twins, Caeleigh and Delaeney, are 3, and absolute Twinadoes. Liam, the baby, is 2, and is following his his big sisters' destructive footsteps. We are blessed beyond belief.
Mother, daughter, and friends.

Mother, daughter, and friends.  I love my Princess!
I love my Princess!

Kaitlyn is our oldest and our Princess. She is a people-pleaser, and loves reading and music. She's struggled with math, but is beginning to see the beauty in that, too (although she hates to admit it). Kaitlyn has an amazing gift to see the beauty in everything. She's also our social butterfly, and, after many moves for many years around the country, is really looking forward to settling down here in Tennessee and planting roots, making friends, and having fun.  

 Danny is our budding genius. Just this week, he took apart, is repairing, and will put back together a laptop that we didn't use anymore. He is wonderful in math, and is quite a good reader. His curiosity knows no bounds, and he loves all things tech-y, Star Wars, and has recently discovered Star Trek. Danny has decided he wants to be a scientific explorer when he grows up, and explore either the deep reaches of outer space, the deep reaches of the ocean, or journey to the center of the earth. (He's a bit of a Jules Verne fan...) He makes his geeky Trekkie Mama proud.  

Sean is following right along in his older brother and sister's footsteps. He began Kindergarten this year, and his favorite subject is hands down Phonics. He even asks to do it on the weekends. His current favorite passtime is injecting himself into whatever Kaitlyn and Patrick are doing, and teaching his younger siblings to do the same.  

Caeleigh and Delaeny are my Twinadoes. Or Twincess. Depending on the day. They're 3 1/2, so it's mostly Twinadoes. ;-) They're absolutely adorable, though, and capture the hearts of anyone who meets them, despite their absolute destructiveness.  

Liam is our baby, and boy, does he know it!! Flaunting his cuteness to stay out of trouble as he carefully studies his older sisters' ways, much to the chagrin of the big kids. Luckily, he is very cute, and that covers a multitude of sins at 2.  

I decided fairly early that we would homeschool, but I had no idea the amazing journey that would take us on. After battling family misconceptions, pressure from the outside (of our family) world, and a brief semester in church school, I can honestly say it's the best decision we've made for our family. It's a struggle, and it's hard but the benefits are well worth it. We are committed to the Classical model of education, and that leaves so much open to the imagination, so much to explore!  

We've been blessed to move many times throughout our marriage, and have lived near Washington, DC, Wyoming, Indiana, New Hampshire, and Kansas before we settled down in Tennessee. You can read all about our new adventures at The Potter's Hand Academy, where we give you a window into our world, our family, and try to bring you the latest and greatest we find from the homeschooling world.

Thank you so much, Lori, for introducing me to all of your wonderful neighbors. I hope to see you soon when you come round for a cup of coffee and a chat!


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