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Jeepers Peepers and Dice Dude from Super Duper

Hey Neighbors!

Check this one out!  We finally made it home!  I am so exhausted.  On top of everything I have several sick family members, including myself.  Anyway I just have to tell you my daughter has been sick in bed all day, so we pulled out Jeepers Peepers ($29.95) for her to play with her sister.  They sat in bed to play.  You should have heard the laughter going on.

Jeepers Peepers is from Super Duper.  It is recommended for ages 5 and up, but I am telling you my 12 year old enjoyed it!  When it came time to eat dinner, she kept saying, just one more round!

The game includes:
6-Jeepers Peepers Glasses
6-My Cue Cards
101-Photo Cards (covering five categories- Animals, Food, Transportation, People, Things)
Bingo Chips and Spinner
Instruction Booklet

This is designed for classroom use, but can easily be used by a family.  One person chooses a pair of glasses.  Someone else picks a picture card and places it facing out in the top of the glasses, without showing it to the person wearing the glasses.  This person must then ask yes or no questions to find out what they are. (The picture)  You can add some fun by allowing the person to spin the spinner every time they guess correctly to win tokens.  The one with the most tokens at the end of the game wins.

Another way to play would be for more than one person to wear the glasses at a time.  You shuffle the cards and place five or six in front of each player face down.  They choose one without looking at the picture and place it in their glasses. Then they each take turns asking each other yes or no questions and see who can figure out first what they are.

There are a few other variations on the game in the instruction booklet.  I am not going to share all of them here.

My husband placed a pair of the glasses on and wandered the home just to make everyone laugh!

This game encourages children to ask questions, put together what they learn and come up with an answer.

The other item we received was the Dice Dude Combo ($24.95).  Now, I am going to mention something here that really frustrates me.  I HATE when we open a game to play and the dice are missing.  You know, because someone didn't put them all away, or they were horsing around and lost one.

Dice Dude solves that problem.  The die stay in his little plastic dome.  I LOVE it!  There are two different Dice Dudes available.  One you just shake him and the other you push down on the top of the dome and the die pop around.

Now I like them both, but with the one that you shake you can remove the dome and change the dice.  He comes with 4 dice total.  The popping Dice Dude has two dice inside, but these are not removable.  My daughter likes the one that pops best.  I think she just likes popping him.  I recommend this to all my neighbors who have games with dice.  So much easier!  And they even sell a set of blank dice that you can write on and create your own!

Now I would like my neighbors to take a moment and visit the Super Duper website and look around. One neighbor will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Super Duper Inc.  Isn't that GREAT!

About Super Duper:

Sharon and Thomas Webber founded Super Duper® Publications in 1986 with two products and two types of stickers.
Sharon started creating easy-to-use therapy materials while working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the public schools. Thomas was a practicing attorney before focusing his talents on developing therapy materials also.
Fast forward 27 years - today, we're making hundreds of creative, colorful educational and therapy materials that you and your children will love. (Believe it or not, we have as much fun making them as your kids will have learning with them!) Click hereto read more about Sharon, Thomas, and the editors. Click here to Tour the Castle
Our Super Duper® staff members do their best every day to give you great customer help, speedy and careful delivery of your orders, and friendly help with any of your questions.

And now:

For children who may need a little support when it comes to social skills, reading, math, 
spelling and critical thinking, a few lessons via a game can have a huge impact. Previously 
only available to educators and child therapists, Super Duper’s eCatalog is now open to 
the public, where you are welcome to browse and discover fun resources from software 
to games and even iPhone Apps.  Whimsical games like Jeepers Peepers and Ring Bling 
have a hidden twist that allows children to improve their educational abilities without realizing 
it.  Just open the box or tin and play. Skills like following directions become natural. Who 
knew that yoga moves enhance learning? Leave it to Super Duper Publications to create a 
55-card yoga deck called Yogarilla, to get little bodies and minds moving forward.  
Super Duper is already a hit in many classrooms from public schools to homeschoolers. 
Toy industry experts have taken notice and awarded Jeeper Peepers eight top honors including 
the Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award! 

Hurry up and enter neighbors!  And be sure to Like them on Facebook and then follow them on Twitter.  You can also find them on Youtube and Pinterest.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for
review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All
thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Darlene said…
I like Giant Book Of Phonology
Rachel said…
I'd like Artic Chipper Chat!
I like the carry all cart
Colleen Maurina said…
I also like their Hopping Frogs Board Game.
andrea v said…
Ring bling looks cute
Nknouse22 said…
I like Sensory Diet Fun Sheets
Miranda said…
I like Ring Bling
Steph said…
I like the Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck
Donna George said…
I like the Webber® Photo Cards for my autistic students
Shelley P said…
I like the Pirate Talk Board Game.
Kimberly said…
I like the Ring Bling Game
Unknown said…
I love the apps they have available
Erika P. said…
I like the What's in Ned's Head game

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