Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to Buy the Perfect Bed for Your Child

Choosing the right children's bed requires a little common sense. After all, it's not rocket science, however getting the correct one will mean it lasts your little one well into their more image-conscious teen years. Here are some essential things to look for and to avoid.
Taking measurements 
The first step in the process is taking a tape measure and looking at the room. It's also a good idea at this point to consider how you can use the space in a more efficient way. Consider investing in under-bed draws, a chest for the foot of the bed or a set of shelves for their books.
A strong frame 
When purchasing a bed, look at the way the frame fits together. If it's a build-it-yourself job, then ensure that you have the right tools to put it together in a safe and manageable way so that it can cope with whatever the kids throw at it.
Comfortable mattress 
Ensure that you invest in a good quality mattress that is made from non-allergenic materials. This will reduce the incidence of dust-related allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. A firm mattress will tend to outlast the years better than a softer, more accommodating one.
Dynamic design 
Consider keeping the design of the bed neutral and relatively simple. This will mean any radical overhaul of the bedroom in future years will be easy to do. Think carefully before purchasing a gimmicky, child-friendly bed in the shape of a car or a character. Likewise, think carefully before investing in large and cumbersome bed-heads or bed posts - these can be difficult to assemble, and aren't really child-friendly.
Keeping the kids happy 
Overall, it's important to get the seal of approval from the captain. So when selecting the bed, make sure you involve them in the decision. Try to steer them clear of the Barbie car if you can but you might find you’re fighting a losing battle on that front.
Choosing the right bed for your child is all about a mix of common sense, preparation and imagination. Good luck on your search!

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