Thursday, February 28, 2013

Does a Tempurpedic Mattress Help?

Hey neighbors!

Do any of you have a Tempurpedic mattress? Does it seem to help your back? We have one where you can adjust the softness or firmness on each side individually. My husband loves his super firm. I prefer a medium firmness. If the mattress is to soft, I wake up with a sore back. I mean really sore.

I also have a special pillow I take with me everywhere we go. If not I have a headache. I have found if I use this one pillow I can generally sleep headache free. I really think this all goes back to the disc problem I had a couple of years ago. I now sleep with a pillow between my knees like I did during pregnancy. As a matter of fact on our most recent trip I forgot a leg pillow and my husband had to run out and buy me one. Sleep sweet sleep!

Another thing that helps my back is having a small footstool under my feet when sitting in a chair for long periods of time. Yes, I have short legs! My children all find this very funny! If I don't have a footstool I will grab whatever is available and place it under my feet.  I have a small pillow to place behind my lower back when sitting too long and of course when taking long trips.

I have started exercising regularly and I have found that this helps. I use a treadmill and walk anywhere from one to three miles. It all depends on how my back feels. I am also starting some stretching exercises and some light weights.  My husband helps to encourage me in this area.

I have also changed my diet, as I know losing weight will help to take pressure off my back.  I can already feel a difference.

So, do any of my neighbors own a Tempurpedic mattress?  Do you find it helps your back and helps you to sleep better?  I am interested in hearing what you have to say about this.  Although I am doing what I can to improve my back condition, I am afraid it will always be subject re-injury.  I believe a good mattress will assist in helping my back.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Darlene said...

I did have one but could not sleep on it, it felt like I was sleeping on top of it rather than sinking into it. It had a 3 month guarantee so I forced myself to try to make it work but after 3 months gave in and gave it back, instead I got a similar mattress that had a pillow top on it. It is much better.