Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Could Roto-Rooter Fix This Leak?

  Good Day Neighbors!

How many of you want to hear more from Roto-Rooter?  Well, they weren't the heroes of this story, but I just had to share this story with you!  This is the biggest leak I ever saw! This was a few years ago when we stayed at a resort campground. We were there for a couple of months because of my husbands job, and we actually got to know several of the employees.  I liked it because they had security and the children were safe playing there. 

Anyway, one morning the children had gone out to play with some friends. I went out to check on them, when to our surprise a huge piece of asphalt flew up into the air. Water started gushing twenty to thirty feet straight up. Apparently one of the huge pipes under the pavement had weakened and due to water pressure blew a two foot piece of pavement up. It flew up and then shattered when it hit the ground. Fortunately no one was near the leak when it occurred. We lost all water to the showers until they were able to get the pipe repaired.

The children thought it was fun to play in the run off from the leak. That is where most of them spent the day. I don't think this was a job for Roto-Rooter. I believe it actually happened on a weekend, so we had to wait for them to call maintenance in to stop the flow of water. It took about two to three hours before they showed up. And then it took even longer to get the water back on. They had to send in the big equipment to dig up the street and replace the pipe.

The children still remember this event to this day! They thought it was great! I am just thankful that no one was near the leak when it occurred.  If someone had been nearby they could have been seriously injured.

What is the largest leak you have ever experienced?  Was it one of your own pipes or just a leak you witnessed?

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