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Speeding Tickets

Hi Neighbors! Anyone ever received   speeding tickets California style?  OK, in all our travels we have only been to California once and never received a speeding ticket. Now, I will tell you right up front, I do not drive.  I had my learners permit, but never went on to get a license.  I didn't want one.  I HATE driving. My husband has done all the driving over the years and in all that time (30 years) he has never had a speeding ticket. Realize he we have been on the road full time for over 10 years.  He was pulled over once for going the speed limit in the fast lane.  Personally I never understood that one! The only other time he came close was when a speed limit sign was blocked from sight.  He was pulled over and when the officer still ticketed him, he decided to contest it in court.  He took pictures and went in prepared to argue his case.  He never had to though because the officer never showed up, so the judge dismissed the ticket. We now have six drivers in the fa

Jeepers Peepers and Dice Dude from Super Duper

Hey Neighbors! Check this one out!  We finally made it home!  I am so exhausted.  On top of everything I have several sick family members, including myself.  Anyway I just have to tell you my daughter has been sick in bed all day, so we pulled out Jeepers Peepers  ($29.95) for her to play with her sister.  They sat in bed to play.  You should have heard the laughter going on. Jeepers Peepers is from Super Duper .  It is recommended for ages 5 and up, but I am telling you my 12 year old enjoyed it!  When it came time to eat dinner, she kept saying, just one more round! The game includes: 6-Jeepers Peepers Glasses 6-My Cue Cards 101-Photo Cards (covering five categories- Animals, Food, Transportation, People, Things) Bingo Chips and Spinner Instruction Booklet This is designed for classroom use, but can easily be used by a family.  One person chooses a pair of glasses.  Someone else picks a picture card and places it facing out in the top of the glasses, wit

Does a Tempurpedic Mattress Help?

Hey neighbors! Do any of you have a Tempurpedic mattress? Does it seem to help your back? We have one where you can adjust the softness or firmness on each side individually. My husband loves his super firm. I prefer a medium firmness. If the mattress is to soft, I wake up with a sore back. I mean really sore. I also have a special pillow I take with me everywhere we go. If not I have a headache. I have found if I use this one pillow I can generally sleep headache free. I really think this all goes back to the disc problem I had a couple of years ago. I now sleep with a pillow between my knees like I did during pregnancy. As a matter of fact on our most recent trip I forgot a leg pillow and my husband had to run out and buy me one. Sleep sweet sleep! Another thing that helps my back is having a small footstool under my feet when sitting in a chair for long periods of time. Yes, I have short legs! My children all find this very funny! If I don't have a footsto

Could Roto-Rooter Fix This Leak?

  Good Day Neighbors! How many of you want to hear  more from Roto-Rooter ?  Well, they weren't the heroes of this story, but I just had to share this story with you!  This is the biggest leak I ever saw! This was a few years ago when we stayed at a resort campground. We were there for a couple of months because of my husbands job, and we actually got to know several of the employees.  I liked it because they had security and the children were safe playing there.  Anyway, one morning the children had gone out to play with some friends. I went out to check on them, when to our surprise a huge piece of asphalt flew up into the air. Water started gushing twenty to thirty feet straight up. Apparently one of the huge pipes under the pavement had weakened and due to water pressure blew a two foot piece of pavement up. It flew up and then shattered when it hit the ground. Fortunately no one was near the leak when it occurred. We lost all water to the showers until they were ab

Baby First TV 'I Can Sign" First Words

Hey Neighbors! Here is a really neat gift idea for someone with a young child.  Here we have I Can Sign (First Words) from Baby First  TV.  Now, I am just going to share right here that we have friends who have taught two of their children to sign at a very young age.  And it works!  Their children could sign before they could talk. The Dvd will teach your child many useful words that will be used in day to day life.  Words like: eat, water, milk, cookie, ear, feet hands, kiss, sleep, book, mother, father, and many other words.  Each word is taught in a short video clip where they will see pictures of the word/item and people signing.  There is also a little character at the bottom corner of the video signing along.  The Dvd can be done on English or Spanish.  Also included on the Dvd are printable coloring pages that you can print off by inserting the Dvd into your computer.  Inside the cover of the Dvd case is a little booklet that covers some of the words you and your child

A+ TutorSoft, Inc

Hey Neighbors! Here is a really good math program.  It is A+ TutorSoft Inc .  I received the A+ Interactive Math,  4th Grade Math CD .  Some of the other Crew Members received the online course and of course many different grade levels were covered, so be sure to click at the link at the bottom of this review for more opinions. I mainly used this for my daughter as a refresher type course.  I have to share with you though that right after loading this program on my new (purchased in November) computer, my husband spilt a whole glass of soda on my laptop keyboard.  I had a warranty on it, but it had to be sent in for repairs and it is just now ready for pickup.  Good thing we have more than one laptop in the family.  I quickly loaded it on another laptop and away we went.  This is perfect, because we have been able to skip around to different areas where she needs some improvement. The CD Program is available in a standard version, or a premium version.  The standard

Revamp Your Garden and Enjoy a Beautiful Retreat This Spring

Do you currently have a beautiful garden that you love to care for? Most women love to work on their gardens due to many reasons, but one of the reasons is that it gives them great pleasure to beautify their garden and spend their free time there as well. Since spring time is quickly coming it’s time to plan for the future. Think about planting beautiful trees and new flowers that will be nice to enjoy. Plus, if you are looking for something in addition to new plants and flowers, you can also install the best garden fountains that will also enhance your garden area. Speaking of fountains, there are many different types of garden fountains that you can find. You should choose the ones that appeal to you the most and will also suit your garden. Do not choose a fountain which will be either too small or large. Find one that is just right and look forward to revamping your garden. Also weigh in factors like the free space in your gardens, the look and feel of your home, and the curr

HABA Orchard Mini Game

Hi Neighbors! Here is another GREAT game from HABA to take on the road with you! This is the HABA Mini-Orchard Game. It conveniently comes in a storage tin to carry the game wherever you may go. I found this perfect for hotel rooms, dining out and when visiting friends. This is one of the cooperative games, where all the players are working together to defeat the raven. I really like these kind of games as they teach children to work as a team. The tin holds all the pieces for the game. This includes: 1 Game Board that is in four parts that connects together like a puzzle. 10 Apples 10 Pears 10 pairs of Cherries 10 Plums 1 Raven Jigsaw (9 pieces) 1 color die w/symbols 1 set of game instructions (Keep the fruit pieces away from small children as they are tiny and could easily be swallowed.) The goal in this game is for the children to pick the fruit from the trees before the raven can steal them. Assemble the game board on a table or flat surface

Meeting Monday with Nicole from Schooling in the Sun

I want to thank Lori for giving me the chance to introduce myself to some new friends! My name is Nicole, and I am a homeschooling mama from Sunshine-y Florida.  I am  blessed to be married for fifteen years now to my wonderful hubby.  He is truly my best friend, and we have a great time together. We have three awesome kids (of course):  our oldest, affectionately known as Turtle for online purposes, is happily, hormonally twelve.  She loves to play competitive soccer and various games on her phone, and, after a brief re-entry into public school earlier this year, is now back home with us. Firefly is ten, and definitely the spirited one of the bunch.  She also plays travel soccer, and has a competitive edge that is actually a little scary sometimes!  She also has Sensory Processing Disorder, ( ) which is a tricky little neurological disorder that can quickly throw our family for a loop--daily. Our Bug is six, and our only boy

Dry Idea AdvancedDry Fresh Brand

Hey Neighbors! I recently received Dry Idea AdvancedDry .  Now up north you might be too cold to sweat, but on our trip to Florida... that is another thing altogether.  It has been hot!  And I hate to sweat!  Oh, wait a minute, horses sweat, men perspire and women glisten, right?  Well, I need an antiperspirant that works, especially when we do things like bowling, or wandering an attraction all day. So, when we are active out in the heat I need an antiperspirant that I can depend on,   Dry Idea AdvancedDry is able to keep you dry up to 72 hours!  This Dry Idea is an unscented deodorant that has Pulse Activated Wetness Protection.  This comes in Unscented, Powder Fresh, and Cotton Dry.  (Hypo Allergenic)  Available in Roll-on (like I received), Clear Gel and Invisible Solid. What do you do where you need some extra protection?  Is there a particular sport you participate in or are you outside quite a bit?  Use Dry Idea AdvancedDry and "Never let them see you

Travel With Peaceable Kingdom

Hey Neighbors! Here is another super product to have with you on trips!  They are from Peaceable Kingdom ! We received the Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book, plus two different sets of stickers.  They are the 3-D Super Stickers (Roar) and the Flicker Stickers (Lenticular) Wacky Animals.  My daughter really enjoyed using both of these.  I pulled them out for the return trip.  I try to plan like that, so there is something fun to do going in both directions.  Not to mention sometimes the return trip is just a little more boring or stressful because the fun is over. The Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book ($7.99) obviously has stickers, but many of the pages include activities.  The first page is a scene where she could place dinosaur stickers wherever she liked to create a scene.  The next 2 pages have ten dinosaurs and she has to find the stickers with the dinosaur skeleton that matches.  I think one of the ones she enjoyed the most was where she had to take the square and rectangu