Thursday, January 17, 2013

Plumbing & Drain Service

Hey Neighbors!

I really like this home, but we have had more than our share of plumbing problems.  We have seriously considered calling Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service.  First we had problems with the kitchen sink, so we replaced it. Everything, the sink, the faucets and all the pipes.  Not long afterwards one of the new pipes started leaking.  We had a friend visiting who went in and replaced everything under the sink again, including the sprayer that had stopped working.

Next it was the girls bathroom tub.  You would get in for a shower and by the time you were done, you were standing in about eight inches of water.  Then of course it took a long time for it to finally drain.  We ran a snake down the drain, tried all kinds of drain cleaners, and used a plunger, all to no avail.  Finally, the same person who fixed the sink found the clog down in the pipes in the basement.  It was a buildup of hair and other junk.

The boys bathroom sink was next.  It started draining slowly.  Now, to be honest on this one the boys used a liquid drain cleaner a few times and it cleared right up.

The last problem, the one we are working on right now, is the boy's toilet.  It seems to be clogged down in the line somewhere.  It backs up to the rim of the toilet, never overflows, and then drains within a couple of minutes.  The boys have tried a couple of home remedies, but I think we might need to call an expert on this one.  I am thinking that something is stuck in the line somewhere.  Hopefully we do not need to dig anything up, especially since it is winter and the ground is probably quite frozen.  Any ideas here?

Oh, and I forgot to mention the shower head in the girl's bathroom blew right off.  At least that was an easy fix.  We just sawed off a piece of pipe, added a new connector and then replaced the shower head.  Quick and easy.  It was really strange showering in there for a day or two.  It was like standing under a hose!

At least we have replaced almost all the plumbing now.  We did the girl's bathroom sink pipes when we put in a new sink.  Perhaps after we get this repaired we won't have any more problems for awhile.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Danielle S said...

Plumbing problems are always a bummer. Glad to hear you got yours sorted out.