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OGIO Backpacks!

Front view.
Hey neighbors!

Want to start the year off right with a new backpack?  Maybe you or your child needs a new backpack.  You should visit the OGIO site.  They have a HUGE selection of backpacks, gearbags, golf bags, tablet bags, etc.  I was amazed at the choices available.

Back view. Notice the zippered pocket on the strap.

Label showing some uses.
I received the Bandit Celebrity! ($100)  It has so many pockets and little hidey holes you can fill.  There is literally a place for everything.  From your cell phone to camera, beverage or stash pockets.  I LOVE the color combination too!  Black, white and gold.  Now, where to start...

This is the pocket on the strap, perfect for keys.

The straps are padded and comfortable. There are two pockets each on the sides of the backpack.  The lower ones are nice for holding a water battle and the top two are the size for comfortably holding a cell phone, wallet, etc.  I also like the small pocket built in to the strap.  Perfect for holding keys or small items.  On the front of the Bandit, lower down is a small, lined pocket.  A cell phone, MP3 player or something of equal size would fit in here.

Small pocket on front.  Nice size for cell phone.

Lower Side Pockets  Will hold water bottles.
You could use the lower side pockets for carrying other items as they do zip shut.  maybe you only need one for a water bottle.
Upper Side Pocket  Also a nice size for cell phone. 

Both side pockets. There are 2 pockets on each side.
I have to say I really enjoy all the pockets in this OGIO bag.  I think I could pack just about everything electronic I carry for trips, and then some.
Inside Zippered Pocket and a  Key Holder

Several pockets of various sizes.
Look at the pictures to see all the different compartments and pockets the OGIO Bandit has.  There is a clip for keys too!
Look how many separate pockets there are.

Here is another section with some pockets, including one for your tablet.
At the very top of the bag, near the handle is a zippered pocket that will hold sunglasses, cell phone or even a small wallet.  The ease of access makes it perfect for an item you need to get to often.
This one is at the top of the backpack and is labeled glasses.
At the back of the pack is the large, padded, fleece lined pocket for holding your laptop.  It will hold up to a 17 inch laptop.  I can not wait to take this on our next trip!  Since I now have a larger laptop, this bag from OGIO will be perfect!
Nice large pocket for laptop.

It is soft and padded to protect your laptop.
Bandit Features listed on the site:


  • Dedicated fleece lined top loading laptop compartment fits most 17” laptops
  • iFom integrated foam panels keep your electronics and other valuables protected
  • Padded iPad/tablet/e-reader pocket
  • HUB (Hybrid Unibody Backpanel) for ultimate comfort
  • Padded mouse/digital camera pocket
  • Increased shoulder strap foam padding creates Sweet Spot comfort zone
  • Fully adjustable ergonomic yoke-style shoulders straps
  • Two fleece lined valuables stash pockets
  • Dual side beverage/accessory holders
  • Internal mesh organization pockets for mouse, charger and other large accessories
  • Quick access expandable phone pocket
  • Deluxe organization panel with zippered stash pocket
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Soft touch neoprene grab handle

I am thinking this will become my main laptop bag for traveling.  We are going on a trip soon to Florida and will be on the road for three weeks.  This is going to be so handy!  I am sure this would be great for school, college, even for those who carry laptops and such to and home from work.

One neighbor will receive the OGIO  Lucas Backpack ($39.99). I am not sure of the color, but you can see the description here.  There is a picture below.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive an OGIO Bandit Backpack for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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I like the women's Manhattan briefcase.
andrea v said…
Coolestmommy said…
I like the Newt Slimline laptop bag for work.
blessnel said…
I love to have the CAPTAIN bag!
tawndam said…
The Brooklyn bag is interesting... is it really out of stock in all but yellow??
scottsgal said…
they have great looking golf bags
dlhaley said…
I like the Ascender 26", suitcase.
Colleen Maurina said…
I also like their Metro II Backpack.

colljerr at comcast dot net
skkorman said…
I like the Ascender 26"!

rubynreba said…
I like the yellow Hampton bag
Debby said…
I like the Women's Operative Backpack:

thanks for the giveaway!
Heather! said…
Wow, the Rig 9800 LE-Nuclear would be GREAT to use for traveling! Also love the Dozer 8600 LE-Raw.

h4schaffer at gmail dot com
I also love their ASCENDER 26" rolling travel bag!
Unknown said…
The locker bag is AWESOME!!! We have one and my husband uses frequently, it's been his favorite purchase so far for bags!! I highly highly highly recommend it!
Maria K said…
I like the Hampotns Terra bag.
Ellie Wright said…
I like the Rebel backpack!
cman said…
Style 114007
Patty White said…
I like the Aura Golf Bag!! So Pretty!
bmom76 said…
I like the Frenzy wheeled carry on.
chelsea r
I really love the Brooklyn (shoulder) Bag - I'd love to have one in Terra, Tide and Red!

Jesselyn A/Jesstinger
Unknown said…
I also really like the :
Heather Kelly said…
I love the Rebellios backpack and the Manhattan bag!
Cassie Eastman said…
My husband would love the Chamber Golf Cart Bag!
Deanna said…
Anonymous said…
I like the manhattan
Gala said…
I like Ascender 22"
Kwolek21 said…
I love the FLIGHT VEST for the serious walker
Unknown said…
I like the Trucker green hive gear bag
John Hageman said…
It would be nice to get this backpack for college next year.
Kelynnma said…
I love the Rogue backpack!!
sd4david said…
Street bike bag.
longsgl said…
I really like the Canberra 30" bag.
I like the Green Hive Gear Bag!
Holly S. said…
I love the Women's Brooklyn bag in red. LOVE! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Amy V said…
i like the 'commando' bag!

annae07 at aol dot com
Diana said…
I like the Brooklyn bag
Unknown said…
the Hamptons tote in Terra
Mary said…
Love the Womens Brooklyn Tote
Amanda Rauch said…
i love the womens brooklyn bag in tide or red. so pretty!
Unknown said…
i like the womens brooklyn bag!
AndreaH said…
I love the Hamptons bag in Terra. What a gorgeous design!
eclairre said…
I like the yellow Hampton bag
Dana said…
I like the Brooklyn Bag in the women's section

danav27 at gmail dot com
Karen Propes said…
I love the SOHO Style 114004 in blue
it has so much room. Thanks for the chance.
Pam said…
I like the Women's Operative.
michedt said…
I like the Navigator 26" bag for traveling.
Michelle Tucker
Anonymous said…
Love their 13" consul case. Very nice! sweetbettysue at gmail dot com
MizVickik said…
I like the RIG 9800 bag!
Miz Vickik
I also love the 15" Newt Slim Case
Thank You for the great giveaway

Fiona N
mtbears819 said…
Pagoda S bag looks nice-dorothy deakyne
Melanie said…
I like the Invader 26" suitcase.
Unknown said…
Like the recoil golf bag

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