Monday, January 28, 2013

Meet Renata At Sunnyside Farm Fun!

Hello Ladies
  It was so nice of Lori to invite me to participate in Meeting Monday.  I've been enjoying getting to know some other ladies through the previous posts!  

My name is Renata and I live in NSW, Australia.  I blog at Sunnyside Farm Fun where I enjoy writing about our numerous farming adventures & misadventures, homeschooling our 4 children, family life & some of my favourite recipes.
I have been married to my wonderful hubby, Dave,  for just over 13 years.  We were both 20 when we got married & we wouldn't have it any other way.  We have been able to experience so much of life together & it's nice to know we are each others' best friends & have been since we were  just 16!   When I was 22 we were blessed with our first child Zai who is now 10.  Ellie quickly followed ~ our only precious daughter!   18 months later we were so surprised to find out I was expecting twin boys (Jud & Eli) ~ what a double blessing they are!!!  During my twin pregnancy we experienced twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. This is when there is an imbalance of blood between the twins ( being identical they had joining vessels across the surface of the placenta). It can only happen to identical twins.  What a difficult time this was, but such a refining time for my faith in the Lord.  What began as a childhood faith when I was just 3 really had to grow up to trust the Lord with the lives of my very sick babies who were so close to death.    Praise God we were able to have experimental laser surgery which was successful & the boys arrived at 34 weeks healthy & well.  They were cleared from all possible complications due to TTTS at two years of age & we are just so very thankful!!  We would love more children, but we are learning to trust that God's will is the best even when it hurts a lot.
In 2008 with our very young family we packed up our household and moved from a major city 1200 kms out into the country onto our little farm "Sunnyside".  It was incredibly  hard moving so far away from all our family &  homesickness really hit me badly during the first year .  To make matters worse our eldest started school & I really struggled with letting him go out into a school full of teachers with very different standards than we had.  I began to blog not long after our move in the effort to keep our family & friends up to date with our happenings and so they could 'watch' the children grow up.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find that one of the rewards of blogging was I got to virtually 'meet' other Christian ladies & this abated some of the lonliness I struggled with. It was at this time that I learnt about home schooling & began to investigate the different educational options we had here in Australia.  

It wasn't until the next year that we took the plunge & began to educate our children at home.  Bringing them home ( by this time Ellie had joined her brother at school) caused quite a stir in the community as we were the only people around who had done this (some had never even heard of home schooling).  It's taken a few years, but I think I can honestly say that although I will always carry the 'strange home schooling Mum' title, people are more accepting now than they were at the start.  Home schooling our children has been such a joy & I can honestly say it is one of our best parenting decisions yet!   We have watched our children flourish & mature both academically, spiritually & physically as we join together as a family to learn about this beautiful world the Lord has made.  

Our farm has also continued to grow & we have had so many projects & added various animals over the years.  Our aim is to produce more of our own food & products & we've had such fun experimenting with different things along the way!!

We are so blessed to live this life.  Many times we dreamed of a country life & often I wondered if God even heard those prayers.   We are so excited to be celebrating 5 years of living here at beautiful Sunnyside this month  ~ yes, God heard & answered, but in His own time, not mine!!!

I would love to have you visit me & follow along on our journey as we endeavour to be good stewards of this land & family the Lord has blessed us with!


Coolestmommy said...

So fun to 'meet' someone halfway around the world from me. What a wonderful testimony you share.

rubynreba said...

Enjoyed your story. Sunnyside sounds like a beautiful home for you and your family.