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Meet Jenn From Treasuring Lif'e's Blessings

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be participating in Meeting Monday. Thank you Lori for this chance to step out of my comfort zone and share with you all just a little bit about myself.

My name is Jenn and I blog over at Treasuring Life's Blessings. I've been married to my husband Kevin for 14 years. A neat little fact about us, we both have the same birthday (5 years apart) and we got married on our birthdays! I know, he's lucky that he can never forget those dates!! We have been blessed with 6, soon to be 7, children. I have 13 year old twins, Sarah & Susan, Hannah is 11, Erik is 9, Noah would be 2 but lives in Heaven, Olivia is 1 and our 7th blessing is due to arrive in May. We live in Pa and I am thankful to be able to stay at home with my children & homeschool them.

I started my blog almost 3 years ago when we received the fatal diagnosis during Noah's pregnancy that he had Trisomy 13 and was expected to die at any time. I wanted a way to record what all was going in our lives, not only for me to look back on someday, but to update others and eventually help other families going through the same thing. I have a few links you are welcome to read that share more details about Noah's story, including how he was born alive 9 days late and spent some time with us before graduating to Heaven.

"Embracing the beauty from ashes in my everyday life after Noah" sums up what my blog is about. I continue to share about my grief as well as ministering to others who are on this journey but I also blog about:
-reviews & giveaways
-some of my favorite recipes along with photos (I LOVE to cook & enjoy photography)
-gardening (which I can't wait until it's time to plant, missing my fresh veggies about now)
-money saving tips & bargains (I enjoy pinching pennies & finding the best deals)
-and interesting things about our everyday life from time to time

Our family journey has been full of many ups and downs over the years. From not knowing we were having twins until I was 36 weeks pregnant, spending a few years fostering & trying to adopt, going through our journey with Noah then having his rainbow sister born early on his 1st birthday, dealing with numerous medical issues, traveling as a family to other countries, to my husband suffering a severe head injury last year when medical staff dropped him as well as many other things.  Despite our difficulties these last few years especially, we are thankful for where God has brought us. He is refining us & using our story for His glory! And it's only because of Him, I am where I am today!


Coolestmommy said…
Thank you for visiting and sharing. I am going to be reading more about you and Noah and your family. Love meeting new friends on Monday!
Clarissa said…
Once again I am amazed at the similarities between our familyies, Jenn! My husband and I Also share a birthday (6 years apart). Our fifth child died not long after birth and our 6th child was born 1 year & 1 day after her brother. And of course, we are due with our 7th in May! :) It was nice "getting to know you"!

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