Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hotels and Bed Bugs

Hi neighbors!

As you all know we spend quite a few nights in hotels.  Traveling all the time like this is fun, but you do learn things as you travel.   We have been in great hotels, average hotels and hotels I would consider the pits.  We recently stayed in one where there was a green, moldy looking ring in the bathroom sink.  Yes, I checked with one of their towels and it easily wiped away. Anyway, have any of you had any experience with bed bugs?  What did you do?

So far we have not run into any, but a friend who was traveling with us thought he had some in his room one night.  They changed him to a different room after informing him it was only a beetle.

Anyway, I wanted to share this infographic with you:

Hotel Bed Bug Infographic
Graphic by Moxie Pest Control

This tells you how to thoroughly check your hotel for bed bugs.  I think I am going to memorize some of it for our next hotel visit.  I am not sure if I will be quite this thorough in my search for bed bugs, but I will definitely be taking more precautions.  I have heard how bad the bed bugs are and how hard it is to get rid of them once they make their way into your belongings.  I can not imagine brining them home with you.

Look how simple and easy it is to prevent yourself from staying in a room with bedbugs.  A few minutes spent checking out the room, before you bring your luggage or family in.  I have only checked the bedding before, but now I will know to look other places too!

If you have had any experiences with bed bugs let me know.  I think I am beginning to feel a little creepy right now!

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Leah Courtney said...

We don't stay in hotels often, so thankfully we haven't seen any. Although I've seen a chart like this and I always look.
We did have some friends who bought a bed off of Craigs List and started having problems when they got it home. Their son (whose bed it was) had bites, itching. They finally discovered bed bugs up in the wood of the bed. (They hadn't brought the old mattress home!) They had to eventually throw the whole thing out because they just couldn't get rid of them. Uggh.