Thursday, January 3, 2013

Does Your Husband Use a Badger Hair Brush?

Greetings Neighbors!

A quick question here for all my neighbors, what products does your husband use for shaving?  Do any of your husbands own a badger hair brush?  Between my sons and my husband, we have quite a collection of different items, but so far no one uses a shaving brush.

As you all know, my husband has a beard and just shaves around the beard and of course trims it on a regular basis.  He usually uses a small, cheap disposable razor.  A little shaving cream, add hot water, and he shaves.  He spends more time when it comes to trimming his beard.  He has a pair of scissors that he keeps in his shaving bag.   He also will occasionally use a small tooth comb to comb the beard a little.

Each of my sons has their own Dopp bag that they keep their shaving items in.  The oldest just received an electric razor, because he shaves nearly daily before going to work.  He uses a pre-conditioning cream or lotion and then after shaving uses an aftershave.  This is the one who could probably fill his own medicine cabinet with different shaving supplies and cologne.  His sister went in and cleaned their bathroom the other day and called me in to see his collection.  (The boys paid her to clean it for them.)

My other son prefers not to shave every day if he can help it.  He uses a battery operated razor, shaped like one of the disposable razors.  He of course uses a moisturizing shaving cream and warm water to shave.  Then he follows up with his after shave.

Do any of them share?  Not if they can help it.  They hate to have someone borrow their razor.  You actually hear occasional discussions going on.  You know the type I am sure.  Who touched my _____?  Just fill in the blank with razor, shaving cream, or after shave.  And of course everyone denies touching it.  It can get quite amusing at times.

Does your husband or son have a unique shaving routine?  Feel free to leave a comment and share any products or tips you might have.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Coolestmommy said...

My husband uses an electric razor, but my father uses a brush. He needs a new one, so I'm looking for a badger hair brush.

Shaving brushes are hard to come by these days, so a good one would be nice.

Thanks for sharing!