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Daiya Dairy Free

Hi neighbors!

How many of you have a need for nondairy products?  Almost everyone in my family LOVES dairy products.  I think I could seriously make a meatloaf out of dog food, cover it with cheese and my husband would never know.  None of my family requires nondairy products, but I was more than willing to give daiya a try.

daiya is dairy, soy and gluten free.  Do I have your attention?  First off I will tell you, my children looked sort of disgusted at first.  My husband on the other hand was quite willing to try something new, especially since he has been dieting and this is a cheese substitute.  We picked up the shredded mozzarella and put it on my husbands hamburger.  He actually didn't notice a difference.

daiya products are entirely plant based, have no cholesterol, trans fat or preservatives and are free of common allergens.  The daiya products melt and stretch just like cheese.

About daiya:
 After two years of mistakes, melt downs and minor catastrophes, their perserverance paid off. Daiya Style Shreds debuted at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, the event where innovation gets noticed. It was love at first bite. Consumers raved about the new dairy free alternative never seen before in the vegan and allergen market. 

I will tell you, it is probably not a product I personally will be purchasing again as we LOVE our cheese and have no allergies.  If you need a an alternative though, you definitely might want to check out daiya.  To make this easier for you, I am going to send two neighbors 2 coupons each for a free daiya product.  This way you can get a chance to try daiya for yourself.

Be sure to check out the daiya site for recipes and to get more information on daiya products.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive coupons for free daiya product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Cristi said…
I haven't eaten dairy products in more than 20 years, and Daiya is hands-down the best cheese substitute I've found. We go through a lot of it around here because my youngest daughter is allergic to milk too.
Cristi said…
I forgot to mention a recipe in my earlier comment. I'm going to try the Mexican casserole -- looks delicious and safe for all of our food allergies.
Unknown said…
My son is vegan and cooking for him was terrible until I tried Daiya I use it for nachos and stuffed peppers
but I will try the cheesy stuffed mushroom caps & Artichoke dip!
Ray said…
Artichoke Dip would be tasty and great for Superbowl!
Ray said…
Artichoke Dip sounds great & tasty for Superbowl!
Anonymous said…
I could seriously go for some vegan pierogies!
Anonymous said…
I could go for some vegan pierogies!
renata said…
Cheesy Stuffed Mushroom Caps look fabulous!
TheVegan said…
I'd like to try the Artichoke Dip and the Cheesy Stuffed Mushroom Caps!

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