Friday, January 25, 2013

A Fence At the Fence

Hello Neighbors!

Well, we managed to finish fencing in part of our yard.  The backyard was previously fenced in with a wire farm fence.  Then we had to add additional fence to the left side of our yard because the neighbor's dog decided our yard was more fun than his. It wouldn't have been to bad, except he was a full grown puppy, that liked to chew.  And I am talking he would chew anything.  That is how we lost our grill cover.  So the fence on the left side of our home ended up being two layers of farm fence that was about 6-6 1/2 foot high.  Needless to say, he finally stopped visiting.  Then we decided we wanted privacy fence, both to keep our dogs in, others out and so we could enjoy being outside without people watching us when we were outside.  (Fence san jose), I don't think so.  We did it ourselves.

My two sons started near our shed on the right hand side and worked their way back to the corner.  We added a gate at the corner for easy access.  Then we started in the right hand corner and headed over towards Brutus' yard.   He is the dog who liked to visit.  We reached the corner right before the freezing weather blew in.  We did attach one panel so it could be removed when we need to bring materials in when we do large projects outback.  Now we will have to wait for spring to finish up the side of the yard to the rear corner of the house.  This will enclose the entire backyard, shed and deck.  I LOVE IT!  I will be able to go out back, turn the dogs loose and enjoy the deck without any worries.  Shadow, our smallest dog still can not be turned loose, because she slips through the farm fence.  So, until spring she is on a long leash, under constant supervision or she is in the kennel run we have.  The Shelties on the other hand can still enjoy their freedom, but it will be great to get it done.

What will we start next?  Who knows.  Tell me what you think!


Coolestmommy said...

I think the fence looks great. I know how much we enjoy our fenced in yard.

Shelly Peterson said...

The fence looks nice! You guys did a great job! You are sure going to enjoy having that privacy :)