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Zagg Keys Profolio Plus

Hi Neighbors!

As many of you know, my iPad was stolen on our Texas trip.  Well, it has been replaced, with an iPad 2. Yeah! I am so excited!  Anyway, I received this really nice, iPad keyboard case from Zagg.  It is so handy.  The case has the keyboard built in that connects through Bluetooth.  It is a keyboard, case and stand, all in one! The Zagg Keys ProFolio Plus.

The keyboard charges by being connected to my computer by USB.  The part of the case that my iPad fits in to is a polyurethane shell.  Great protection for my iPad.  This is also available in leather.  It folds a little so that the iPad stands up in a little slot directly behind the keyboard.  This is so GREAT!  This will be going along with me on trips.  I will just remember to carry it with me everywhere we go and not leave it in our LOCKED vehicle.

This is just like having a mini laptop.  The only thing missing is a small mouse pad.  There are special keys to return to the home page, adjust volume up and down, search, slideshow, mute and a few others.  I like that it is small, but not so small that I hit more than one key at a time.  That is one reason my children have been unable to convince me to purchase a smart phone.  I need something that is large enough to read, compact enough to carry with me, and yet large enough that I can type without errors.  It has a backlight for the keyboard.  When you press the backlight button it will go from low, medium to high.  I will be using this when we travel in the evening.

The Zagg Keys Profolio Plus for the iPad 2 retails for $129.99 on the Zagg website.  You can set the backlight to your choice of 7 different colors.  Mine is set on purple!

From the Zagg website:

The ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus are ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard accessories that accentuate the utility and convenience of the Apple iPad 2, 3 or 4, with the added benefit of a backlit keyboard on the PROplus model. The lightweight and durable aluminum construction of the ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus match the look and feel of the iPad. The ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus utilize an innovative magnet closure to secure the iPad and protect the screen from scratches and damage.
The patented, ultrathin keyboard design provides one of the thinnest tablet keyboard accessories on the market. The ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus deliver a natural typing experience in a compact layout, with dedicated function keys to operate specific iPad features. The integrated stand holds the iPad at an optimal viewing angle to promote ease of use and decrease eye fatigue, in landscape or portrait orientation.
The ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus feature: Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity; Patented, compact keyboard design with island-style keys for fast and accurate typing; Intuitive built-in stand holds iPad at optimum viewing angle; Innovative magnetic closure; Auto on/off magnet for quick start up and shut down; Rechargeable built-in keyboard battery lasts months between charges.

You can find Zagg on Facebook and Twitter.  Be sure to add them to your social circles!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a Zagg ProFolio Plus for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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Cristi said…
That looks awesome, especially if I decide to travel with just an iPad and not my laptop.
blessnel said…
Wow Zagg makes your ipad look like a laptop! That's awesome!
I'm Just A Girl said…
Hi there! I'm considering buying one of these for my ipad 2. My question is that even though this case/cover makes your ipad look like a laptop, does it function as one? Meaning, it's not too top heavy? It can sit upright in your lap pretty well and not just on a flat surface? That's my only hesitation as I write a lot and don't like to be stuck at a desk or table. Thanks!!

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