Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who Wants to Stay in an Oceanfront Condo?

Hello Neighbors!  

How is everyone?  The snow had started to melt, but then it got colder again so it all froze!  Brrrr!  How many of you had/have snow?  Any of you that have had snow...  wouldn't a trip to stay in a oceanfront condo in Miami be nice right now?  I would love to head south for awhile!

We are actually planning a trip to Florida in the next month or so.  We have been choosing where we are going to be staying, what attractions we would like to visit while there, and all the other arrangements that need to be made.  While browsing through some of the available options I found one website that boasts condos at Apogee in South Beach!  Their website is a great source for oceanfront condos - they look really nice.  Have any of you stayed in oceanfront condominiums at Apogee on South Beach?  What was it like?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Coolestmommy said...

I'd love a trip to Florida! We went in May, but next time we'll be looking into a condo!