Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preparing Our Plumbing for Winter

Hi Neighbors!

With our temperatures here dropping below thirty degrees several times recently, we are trying to find ways to prepare for winter and protect our water pipes and lines.  As you know we have added rabbits to our collection of animals, and we will need to get them water all winter long, and we sure don't need frozen pipes and hoses.  We have a shed set up for the rabbits, but we have not run a water line out there yet.  So we will probably be toting quite a bit of water this winter.  Now I definitely don't want to have to call Roto-Rooter Plumbing technicians out because of a burst water line.

Presently we are covering exposed pipes with insulation.  We will also be doing this in the basement where our washing machine is so we don't freeze any pipes there either.  We have drained all hoses, especially the ones that run out to the front of the yard where we have sprinklers set up all summer long.  My sons really enjoyed walking and emptying these!  That was said with tongue in cheek!

The other winter problem we have is the dog runs.  We have three covered runs that the dogs spend time in throughout the day.  We usually hose these down once or twice a day.  With the approaching freezing weather this is going to be more difficult.  We do have a hot water spigot in the basement we could use, but that will mean draining and putting the hose back after each use.  The kennels are quite a distance from the spigot, so this is going to take more effort every day.  My daughters 12 and 15 usually take care of the dogs, but I think we might have to enlist their brothers assistance.

I think if we can get this all figured out within the next week we should be able to avoid any major problems.  We just need to be able to water the rabbits and to clean the kennels.  I think in the spring we will set up an automatic watering system for the rabbits, but we won't be able to lay pipe until spring now.  Anyone have any great ideas?  I am open to suggestions on this one!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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