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Oransi Ionic Air Purifier

Hi Neighbors!

Remember the Oransi Ionic Air Purifier for your refrigerator?  This is definitely a must have for all those leftovers you will find in your refrigerator.  With a family of 8 we are always placing different leftovers in the refrigerator.  I am talking all different kinds. It is presently on sale for $29.

This was right after company left! See the pickle juice that leaked into the bottom drawer?
Wouldn't this make a great gift for the college student, single male Or just about anyone!  I mean who doesn't occasionally have food odors.  We recently had company and after they left we had all kinds of leftovers.  We ran out of containers with lids, and of course depending on who put them away, some were barely sealed at all!   Look in the picture above and you will see my Oransi Ionic Air Purifier on the shelf.

We are even stuffing things in the door!
It is almost scary when I clean the refrigerator, because I have to ask each person how long their leftovers have been in there.  We have things in there that are almost unidentifiable by the time I start cleaning out.  Between leftover spaghetti, mexican, onions, garlic and everything else.

Building a tower.

See the Oransi?
Now, because I recently did a review on the Oransi Ionic Air Purifier I already have one of these. So when this one came in I didn't open it so I could host a giveaway for my readers!!
One neighbor will receive an Oransi Ionic Air Purifier for their refrigerator.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive an Ionic Air Purifier for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Sandra VanHoey said…
My son-in-law left a freezer bag that had uncooked venison in it that was nasty and not in our normal fridge, it was in the garage so we didn't know about it.
Sandy VanHoey
bettycd said…
Just recently we suffered thru Superstorm Sandy and many in our community lost power for 3 to 12 days. We ate out of our freezer for the 4to 5 dire warning days leading up to the storm which reduced my loss by a lot.
My neighbors left to go stay with relatives in PA and I offered to clear out their fridge. what a mess - the fridge was full and after 8 days the freezer was just a soggy mess of meat and what used to be icecream. I trashed so much and then put in paper plates of baking soda to absorb some of the odor.
Miranda said…
Moldy yogurt is pretty gross
Rusthawk said…
liquified celery and asparagus are the first two i think of .....and of course the stuff that you just have NO idea what it is/was!
blessnel said…
Spoiled cheese :)
Unknown said…
Some soggy vegetables and moldy cheese :)
Brittany said…
A quart of milk got pushed to the back of the fridge and was unseen for quite awhile.
Jen S. said…
The worst thing was moldy lemons that smelled worse than anything.
Angie Bailey said…
Cheese and lunch meat that gets buried and forgotten about for quite a while.
Wanda McHenry said…
A cucumber that had somehow fallen behind the drawer.

Wanda McHenry
Debby said…
There's been too many to name. lol Most of them involve the veggie/fruit drawyer!
luckynordberg said…
I found sour cream that was 6 months past expiration.

laura ari
michedt said…
Uhhh....a zucchini that had gotten stuck in the back of the fridge and it was so moldy and yucky you couldn't pick it up. Had to get a spatula.
A Tupperware bowl full of mold. I still to this day do not remember what it was when it was originally put in the fridge

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