Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Sons Cars Won't Require Performance Parts

Hi Neighbors!

I have two sons, who are both going to be driving on their own soon, so they are going to be looking for a vehicle.  They each have ideas of their own about what they would like to drive.  Fortunately neither one is interested in a vehicle that would require gm performance parts.  They both want a dependable vehicle that will carry them to and home from work.  They are not looking for a hot rod or sports car.  Although one of them thinks Hummers are great!  Not a chance! Not that they don't want a nice looking car, but dependability is foremost on their minds.  My daughter on the other hand likes Chargers!  Go figure!

When it comes to cars amazingly enough, I actually know a little about vehicles.  My father attended GM school and worked in several auto shops as I was growing up.  He was also the first one friends and family called when they had car problems. And they usually wanted it repaired for free. Since I was the first born, I was his assistant.  I was the one called on to hand him tools and run to get necessary items.  I was the one who crawled under and over the vehicle with him.  Even after my brother was born, five years later, I stayed his assistant for quite some time.

I learned how to change tires, jump start a car, change oil, and a few other handy little things.  I will tell you, I don't do any of those anymore.  It has amazed me the times I have been able to tell something that was wrong with our vehicle by the sound.  Like the time our bearings went out.  A mechanic said at first that we just needed to replace the tire. I was also able to tell when we had a loose belt on our AC.  Strange, but true.  My husband still laughs sometimes when he hears me make a comment on a sound I hear from a vehicle.

Fortunately I have a husband and two wonderful sons to handle all the automotive problems now.  Each of the boys know some basic vehicle repair information.  And of course they continue to add to this knowledge.

One last story.  I was at a Christian School one day and a young lady we knew was preparing to leave when she realized she had a flat tire.  Now, I know sometimes it is hard to remove lug nuts, but she didn't even know if she had a jack or where it was located.  My husband was able to help her, but all that kept going through my head was, what if she had been stranded at the side of the road.  How long would she have been there before she had help?  I believe if you are going to drive you need to have at least some basic knowledge, or at least a roadside program that can assist you if you break down.

Tell me do you know how to change a tire?  Have you ever been broken down by the side of the road with no help in sight?  Leave a comment and share with us!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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