Hey Neighbors!

Here is an update from my husband regarding Nutrisystem!  
He is doing great and is now down to 213.  That is almost
20 lbs!

Well it has been a while now since I have started
Nutrisystem and I would like to mention
how I have benefited from the daily threes.
I believe there has been an obvious help between
the daily three and the NS diet to turn some of
the excess weight into muscle.  NS has also
assisted me in being more consistent in exercise
than I have been in years.  What exactly am
I doing for the daily threes.  First I use a treadmill,
anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  Though my
speed my not be sprint stage like I see some others in
the gym doing, I believe this is very
beneficial in losing weight and helping even with
endurance.  I also have a routine utilizing certain
machines including a hip rotater, the abdomen crunch
and an abdomen twist.  I use very little weight
but do two to three sets of each exercise with repetitions
from 20-50 times.  I also use weight machines,
doing curls, bench, reverse curls, lat pull downs etc.
I am not able to use much weight on these
but again focus on the number of repetitions.  Basically,
I try to do each of these three (treadmill,
abdomen exercises and weight machines 2-3 times
a week.  In addition, when I am able I will
walk short distances.  Could someone lose weight
with out the daily threes?  I am sure they could,
but performing the daily three exercises is a great
addition to the diet aspect of Nutrasystem.