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Meeting Monday! 12/31/2012

Hey neighbors!

I thought I would start off Meeting Monday with a post by me.  That way anyone new will know a little about my family and myself and then we will start into posts of other neighbors!  I have had a couple of people interested in this already, so I hope it snowballs as we move along.

I am 48 years old and have been married to my husband for 30 years.  We have six children. 2 girls, 2 boys in between and then 2 more girls.  Their ages are 27 (almost 28), 26, 19, 17, 15 and 12.  We have homeschooled from day one.  The oldest three have graduated, the 17 year old is almost done and then we have 2 left!

We spent the last 10 years on the road doing ministry work around the United States.  Yes, all eight of us in an RV!  It was definitely fun and at times a little trying.  I remember one lady from a church we were visiting ask me what it was like to camp all year long.  (Like she thought it was wonderful!)  I responded by saying, "Go home and look at everything in your home and imagine trying to fit it all in a 34-36 ft RV along with your family."  When I say we spent 10 years on the road in an RV, I mean 10 years in an RV.  We did not have a home that we went back to for visits.  I have to share with you all, when we visited people, I actually coveted their bathrooms!  Now, anyone who has spent any amount of time in an RV will understand this!

Yes, we continued homeschooling during this time.  We did have an advantage, in that we were able to visit soooooo many historical sites, museums and zoos.  I think we visited just about every Civil War site there was in one year!  Of course one of the most hysterical things occurred when we visited the Smithsonian.  We had just left a church in PA where we had some close friends.  One boy there decided to loan one of my sons his cap pistol.  (This was several years ago!)  Because we had the RV my husband dropped us off and went to find parking.  I jumped out with all the children.  Well, this was not too long after 9/11.  My son had carried along his friend's toy pistol.  As we headed into the first building, security was high, and they scan your bags and ask if you are carrying any guns or knives.  I of course showed them the toy pistol and was told to keep it in my purse, no problem.  I also showed them my teeney tiny pocket knife.  It is about an inch long.  No problem there either.  Until we went to the next building.  This security guard told me there was no way I could carry the toy pistol in my purse, even after I explained the whole story.  OK!  Could I leave it with them and pick it up on the way out?  Nope!  No can do.  If I left it there they would throw it away.  Fine with me at this point, except it wasn't ours.  So, what should I do?  Well, Mr. Security Guard told me I could hide it in the bushes out front and then pick it up on my way out. He even escorted me out there to hide the pistol.  As we left I sat down grabbed it and stuffed it into my purse again.  On to the next building, at this one, my husband made my son hide the gun in the bushes.  At each of these buildings I showed my little pocket knife before they scanned my purse, no problem.  Fine!  Until the last building we decided to visit.  We again hid the pistol and then went through security, mind you they scanned my purse each time.  I decided to sit this one out in the little restaurant area while my husband walked some of the children around.  My youngest needed something out of my purse and while digging around, what do I find?  I had dropped my barber scissors in my purse after using them last.  How security missed them I have no idea.  I was only too glad to head out and get on the road.  Yes the pistol finally made it back to it's owner and we had a wonderful tale to share!

We now have a home base we shoot out on trips from.  This has been so nice, as the children are all getting older,  We occasionally leave a couple behind now as we take our trips.  And of course we have added to our zoo!  We now have 4 dogs, 1 cat, 2 turtles, 5 Betta fish, and 14 rabbits.  This never would have happened on the road!

Now that we have the base, 4 of us have blog/websites.  Mine obviously is here At the Fence.  It has taken us three years to get this big and I hope we continue to grow.  My two older daughters each run their own sites.  One is a giveaway/review blog and the other centers on reviewing books, with a few giveaways thrown in.  The last one my 15 year old runs.  She had it for about a year and then gave it to her brother and she joined me here At the Fence.  Since then her brother has given it back and she is working on building it up again.  She also LOVES to design backgrounds, buttons, etc.  She does a really GREAT job!

We all stay pretty active as you have seen in some of our previous posts.  When the weather is good we play volleyball in the backyard.  The boys enjoy some basketball, and then one of our favorites is racquetball (indoor).  The whole family joins in for racquetball.  We can get quite competitive over sports.  My husband loves to say volleyball and racquetball are not games.

I guess I will end this here.  Be sure to come back next Monday to meet a neighbor here At the Fence.  If you like this idea, leave a comment.  If you would like to be included, shoot me an email. (blessed6mom(at) or atthefence(at)


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