Friday, December 21, 2012

Email and Mad Mimi

Hi Neighbors!

Have any of you used Mad Mimi?  It is an email marketing site.  Now we all know just how important email marketing is these days.  I mean my family has to receive 20-30 emails a day from different companies  that we have signed up to follow.  And that is just from businesses, it does not include all the blogs we follow.  Yes, there are some emails I delete without opening, but if there is a special sale going on at a business I purchase from or website that I order from I read them!  I don't want to miss out on that special deal or coupon enclosed.

My two sons do quite a bit of their shopping for clothing online, so they keep track of specials and sales through email.  They are constantly printing off a discount or code for something they want.  My daughter receives emails with updates from authors that want her to review their books and this is how they keep in touch.  I will be ordering some supplies for our rabbits online and will of course be signing up for emails from these companies.  My youngest two, 12 and 15 both like to receive coupon emailings from their favorite restaurants.

Just this little glimpse of  our life shows how important email marketing can be.  Since some of the items we order are from companies that are not even in our area, you can see how necessary email marketing is.  Without the emails we would probably not order from these companies.  I will confess here, I seldom order from a catalog, but I do place orders online.

Do you receive emails from companies where you like to shop?  Do you shop online?

Mad Mimi is an email marketing company that will help you set up your email and help you manage track and support your email marketing.  I don't need something like this right now, but perhaps in the future it is something we will need.  Do you need an email marketing company?  Take a minute and see what they have to offer.

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