Thursday, December 20, 2012

Could You Use a Stairlift in Your Home?

Hi neighbors!

Not too long ago we were at a church that had a wheelchair lift for people attending church in a wheelchair.  It was almost like a mini elevator.  After seeing this being used, and I was amazed at how many did use the lift, I realized what a benefit something like this could be in more churches.  Does your church have a wheelchair lift or stairlift for the handicapped?

Because we travel and visit different churches I have seen many that are not accessible to the handicapped without creating a hardship on them or the ones assisting them inside.  Even during a visit to a home one time I was asked if the church was handicap accessible.  I really wonder how many churches think of this when they design their buildings.  Most churches at some point will have someone in a wheelchair visit, or at least someone who has trouble managing chairs.

Now they even have the stairlifts available for individual's homes.  What a benefit this is for those needing assistance getting up stairs.  Now you don't have to redesign your own home, or move, you can add a stairlift to assist you with getting upstairs.  Do you personally know anyone who has one of these in their home?  Has it been a benefit to them?

I have heard that these can be installed on just about any stair design.  Whether you have a curved stairway or one that is just straight up and down.  The ones I have seen would be used anyone who just had trouble going up or down stairs.  You just sit in the little seat and the lift does all the work.  I imagine these would be a great benefit to the elderly, to those with knee or back problems and of course other injuries that make climbing stairs difficult.  I know several people who are fine on level surfaces, but when it comes to stairs they have a hard time because of their knees.

What is your opinion?  Would this be an option you would consider?  Thanks for spending some time here At the Fence and as always feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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