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Are Dickies on Your Gift List?

Hey Neighbors!

You have got to see these great Dickies items!  I was able to receive a few different Dickies items for review purposes and I just have got to share these with you.

Take a look at these pants my son received.  He has worn them while working on our fence.  These are so well made!  These pants are designed for working.  Rugged and tough and yet extremely comfortable.  This is the Relaxed Straight Fit Bull Denim Jean for $35.99.

From Dickies:

- Relaxed straight fit
- Back pockets are lined w/ nylon for durability
- Signature stitch on back pockets
- Logo back patch
- Fits over work boots

Then take a gander at the jacket my other son received!  This is the Sanded Duck Detachable Hooded Jacket ($99.99-$109.99).  He wears this constantly!  He is the one in the family that is always cold!

From Dickies:
- Heavy-duty zipper with storm flap & snaps
- Underarm gusset w/ mesh grommets for breathability
- Side entry front pockets; Left chest pocket w/ zipper closure
- Interior pocket and triple needle stitching
- Zip-off detachable hood & moleskin collar for comfort

My husband received a really nice flannel shirt!  He thinks it is GREAT!  A Long Sleeve Yarn Dyed Snap-Front Brawny Shirt is perfect for winter wear! (444.99-$48.99)

From Dickies:

- Relaxed fit
- Dickies signature design details
- Metal snaps featuring the Dickies logo

And then he also received this Rigid Duck Chore Coat! ($79.99-$86.99)  He is just waiting for some really cold weather to make better use of it!  So far he has only needed it a couple of really cold days!

From Dickies:
- Water repellent
- Hidden rib knit cuffs
- Convenient hand warmer pockets

We were extremely happy with all the Dickies items, except the pair of jeans below. (Five Pocket Slim Fit)  ($32.99) These already have holes.  My son was extremely disappointed in that they tore so quickly.  He liked the way they felt, but they ended up with holes around the rear pockets, (one quite large), and a few on the front.

Now maybe you will like the denim jacket ($56.99) my daughter is wearing!  She wears this this continually.  It is a lightweight denim jacket.  She loves to wear denim, so this goes great with several of her skirts.

From Dickies:

- Tailored fit
- Heritage inspired design
- Stretch for movement
- Signature detailing
- Princess seams for tailored fit

Or what about this one my other daughter is wearing.  It is a women's Channel Quilted Jacket. ($78.99) This is a little heavier and designed more for cooler weather.  My oldest daughter received this one.

From Dickies:

- Nylon quilting w/ softshell for movement and feminine fit
- Wind resistant and water resistant
- Adjustable drawcords at hem; Adjustable sleeve tabs

My husband also received a pair of the 90th Anniversary Original 874 Work Pant ($36.99).  We chose black for him.  They have become his favorite pair of pants.  If I don't grab them off the back of the door, remove his suspenders and throw them in the laundry, I think he would wear them everyday!

From Dickies:
- Original fit; The most popular work pant available
- Wrinkle resistant; Stain release
- Center crease; Distinctive tunnel belt loops
- Pant cuffs with Heritage Flannel lining

Overall I was extremely satisfied with the Dickies products we received.  If you are still searching for gift ideas you might want to add Dickies to your list.  You will be able to find something for everyone.  WitH dickies you can shop online in the convenience of your home.  And if you spend $75 (which isn't hard to do) you receive free shipping!  Be sure to find Dickies on Twitter and Facebook and make them a part of your social circle!

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive Dickies product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


karenmed409 said…
I love our Dickies.. a few of our guys are big guys, and Dickies is just about the only brand that fits them. I discoveries their socks last year for our guys, had a hard time finding a bigger sock that fit snug and comfortable in their boots. Dickies is just about the only brand I will buy for my big guys.
Unknown said…
Just love all the dickies products especially the dickies LS535 Work.

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