Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Good Real Estate Agent

Hey neighbors!

As you know from previous posts we have been helping a friend look for a home he can basically use as a guest home.  The home he lives in is not designed for quests and right now when people visit, which happens often, they end up in a hotel.  Just recently he rented a home for a visiting family.  It was nice for them and that helped him to make the decision to look for a home. He has decided it would probably be cheaper to just purchase a home and our family will help with the upkeep, like mowing the yard, cleaning the house, and general maintenance.  Needless to say he has talked about finding a real estate agent to work with.  A Los Angeles Real Estate Agent just won't work here, we are talking a small country town.  So, he is looking for someone local, or at least in a neighboring community.

He is looking for an agent that will have his best interests as their goal.  Not someone just looking to make a sale, but one who will really seek to find the type of home he is looking for.  He needs one with plenty of sleeping accommodations, a decent sized yard, low maintenance, and located reasonably close to him.  And of course the right price is involved.  He will have a list of what he is looking for and just how important each point is.

Another thing the agent will be required to do is check into having inspections done for him.  He will want water lines, basement, foundation and roof inspected.  As he is a little bit older he will not be doing these inspections himself.  He needs an agent he can trust to look after these things for him.

Hopefully he will be able to find an agent that can help him locate the type of home he is looking for at a price he will be satisfied with.  It will be great to have a place locally where friends can visit without having to stay in a hotel.  He is hoping to have everything decided and a purchase made by spring.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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