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OcuFresh and the New Year

Hey Neighbors! Many of you will be staying up late tonight with family and friends.  I am not sure about you, but after late nights I often need eye drops in the morning.  No, not from anything I did, but just because so many things aggravate my eyes.  From dirt and dust to perfumes, just little things start my eyes to itching.  And, if I am not careful I rub them until the eyelids swell. So, of course I was happy to receive an OcuFresh tote with some of their products! (a $50 value)  Included were the MiniDrops , a lubricant eye drop.  Next is the OcuFresh Eye Wash, for those times you need to literally wash something out of your eye.   Eye-Cept is re-wetting drops for soft contact lens.  and last of all is the OcuSave an eye vitamin and mineral supplement.  We won't use the Eye-Cept as no one in the family wears contact lens, but we will definitely use the others.  Two of my daughters experience allergies that affect their eyes, so these are going to be so handy. On

Meeting Monday! 12/31/2012

Hey neighbors! I thought I would start off Meeting Monday with a post by me.  That way anyone new will know a little about my family and myself and then we will start into posts of other neighbors!  I have had a couple of people interested in this already, so I hope it snowballs as we move along. I am 48 years old and have been married to my husband for 30 years.  We have six children. 2 girls, 2 boys in between and then 2 more girls.  Their ages are 27 (almost 28), 26, 19, 17, 15 and 12.  We have homeschooled from day one.  The oldest three have graduated, the 17 year old is almost done and then we have 2 left! We spent the last 10 years on the road doing ministry work around the United States.  Yes, all eight of us in an RV!  It was definitely fun and at times a little trying.  I remember one lady from a church we were visiting ask me what it was like to camp all year long.  (Like she thought it was wonderful!)  I responded by saying, "Go home and look at every

Hide Your Almondina!

Hey neighbors! Have any of you ever tried Almondina ?  We just received a box filled with Almondina!  there were 2 Original, 1 Chocolate Cherry, 1 Pumpkin Spice, 1 Cinnaroma, 1 Gingerspice, 1 Choconut, and 1 Sesame.  These are the type of treats you hide!  You know, so everyone else can't find them.  Perfect for sitting down first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee or hot tea.  Might even be great with hot cocoa!  Dip them if you like, but they are GREAT without being dipped! See all the almonds! I was only kidding about hiding them.  I made sure to share!  These would make a good snack to serve when you get together for a morning coffee, or invite friends over for an evening snack.  Get the coffee brewing and pull out a couple of different flavors of Almondina and you are ready to go! Don't these look great! Almondina is a Delicious Cookie Without the Guilt!  The recipe includes no added fat, no cholesterol and no salt. A little about Almondina:

Who Wants to Stay in an Oceanfront Condo?

Hello Neighbors!   How is everyone?  The snow had started to melt, but then it got colder again so it all froze!  Brrrr!  How many of you had/have snow?  Any of you that have had snow...  wouldn't a trip to stay in a  oceanfront condo in Miami  be nice right now ?  I would love to head south for awhile! We are actually planning a trip to Florida in the next month or so.  We have been choosing where we are going to be staying, what attractions we would like to visit while there, and all the other arrangements that need to be made.  While browsing through some of the available options I found one website that boasts  condos at Apogee in South Beach !  Their website is a great source for oceanfront condos - they look really nice.  Have any of you stayed in  oceanfront condominiums at Apogee on South Beach ?  What was it like?  Leave a comment below and let us know! Brought to you by your friends at :

Wholly Guacamole and Jennie-O Turkey

Hi Neighbors! How many of you want to eat healthier?  I have tried to eat healthier and I want to continue to work at it this coming year.  Wholly Guacamole and Jennie-O want you to Make the Switch for healthier eating! Now, to start with, Wholly Guacamole products are: All Natural No Preservatives Gluten Free Kosher Certified Non GMO Made with real Haas Avocados Freeze for up to three months. (Thaw in fridge for  food safety.) Avocado itself is full of magnesium, vitamin E, folic acid and lutein, a natural antioxidant. Now add Jennie-O Turkey Burgers. All Natural Gluten Free 250 Cal. 16 g of fat Jennie-O has a array of turkey products ranging from breakfast sausage and bacon, sandwich meats, frozen patties and meatballs and pre-season ground meats.  At the Jennie-O Turkey Store, they believe that eating well shouldn't come at the cost of taste. OK!  Here we go!  I received this really nice package from Wholly Guacamole and Jennie-O.  It incl

To All My Neighbors!

Hi neighbors! I hope you all are having a wonderful day, sharing with family and friends, no matter where you are in my neighborhood. Here is my end of the year request for all of you and the more that participate the better. 1. What would you like to see At the Fence this year? 2. How can I improve At the Fence? 3. Is anyone interested in participating in Meeting Monday?  On Mondays I would like to share just an informational post about one of my neighbors here At the Fence.  If you are interested in sharing a paragraph or two about you, your family or your own personal blog or website, let me know.  I would like to start lining up posts.  You can include a link back to your own site. I would LOVE to have someone lined up for Monday! Just a little advance notice here, we will have both reviews and giveaways coming up to help you Start Your Year Off Right.  Be sure to stop by regular to see what is ahead. Thank you in advance to anyone who leaves comments or participate

My Husband and Nutri-System

Hey Neighbors! Here is an update from my husband regarding Nutrisystem !   He is doing great and is now down to 213.  That is almost 20 lbs! Well it has been a while now since I have started Nutrisystem and I would like to mention how I have benefited from the daily threes. I believe there has been an obvious help between the daily three and the NS diet to turn some of the excess weight into muscle.  NS has also assisted me in being more consistent in exercise than I have been in years.  What exactly am I doing for the daily threes.  First I use a treadmill, anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  Though my speed my not be sprint stage like I see some others in the gym doing, I believe this is very beneficial in losing weight and helping even with endurance.  I also have a routine utilizing certain machines including a hip rotater, the abdomen crunch and an abdomen twist.  I use very little weight but do two to three sets of each exercise with repetitions

Glee Make Your Own Gummies Kit

Hey Neighbors! I really like the Glee Kits  ($13.95).  We have reviewed a couple of different ones over the past two years.  My daughters really have fun creating with these kits.  This time she made Gummies.  The two girls (12 and 15) of them did this one by themselves. Here is the contents of the kit. The kit includes: Sour Mix Colored and Flavored Sugar Powdered Seaweed Seaweed Molding Starch Instructions and the story of Carrageenan This is dried seaweed.  Yes, seaweed. Directions. You wash the seaweed and boil it a few minutes until the carrageenan is extracted. According to the directions you wash the seaweed and then boil it a few minutes to extract the carrageenan.  After you do this you can discard the seaweed.  You then mix in the sugar, boil it again and thenpour it into the molds you have made in the molding starch. Molding Starch. Becoming gelatinous.  They really had fun doing this by themselves.  They did share the gummies