Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What to Look for When Purchasing a New Home

Hey neighbors!

We are helping a friend find a home to have available for visiting families.  While doing so we are helping him check out the homes.  Now of course the first thing is that the home meet your location requirements and have the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. that you need.  So of course even if it looked like the perfect home, but the header read: Best Vernal Utah Real Estate, we would have to skip looking at the property.  It is in a different state!

We obviously do our research online first.  Locating properties in one area, checking out the amount of property included, finding out how many bedrooms, seeing if any recent repairs have been made and so on.  Then we pick a day and look at them from the outside first.  It truly amazes me how nice a picture can make a trashed home look.  It just depends on how you take the picture and the lighting available.  Amazing!  We also check out the neighborhood.  How do the other homes look, what stores are within traveling distance, and of course something important to us is a church in the area.  We make a list and compare the properties we have looked at, and then call on the most promising to make an appointment.  We also ask some questions while talking to the owner or real estate agent.  Mainly to get some general information about the inside condition of the home.  What appliances are included, if any repairs have been made, heat and air conditioning, water heater size and condition, and if there have been any leaks.

When we actually view the home we separate and and wander the home.  Checking doors, windows, appliances, plumbing, etc.  In the basement, if there is one, we check for any signs of previous leaking.  If there is an attic we look up there for any signs of critters that might have entered, along with how the insulation looks.

Once we have finished we have another friend who can come through and check the roof for us.  He also just checks the general condition of the foundation.  Once we have done this we will be able to make an informed decision.  Could there still be surprises?  You bet, but at least we have done what we could.

Any neighbors have any experience with purchasing a home?   Had something funny or strange happen?  Be sure to share with us here, At the Fence.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for Community Best Real Estate, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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