Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sprucing Up For the Holidays!

Hey Neighbors!

I know if your home is anything like mine lately, things are beginning to speed up a bit.  The children are getting more excited and we are beginning to prepare for the holidays.  We are actually having Thanksgiving together with some friends.  We are all pitching in.  But...

Not only are we preparing, we are changing bedrooms around and a roof is being added to our back deck.  Not to mention we have company right now.  And of course, we are trying to spruce up a bit.  I purchased some decorations for out front yard.

While changing bedrooms we have moved the younger girls into a room that used to be the study.  Now, the only problem is we need to put up some form of curtain to block off the one end of there room.  We have been looking at a variety of curtains, trying to decide if we want them all the way to the floor or most of the way to the floor.  Do we want a light weight curtain or a heavier light-blocking curtain?  Of course my one daughter would love pink or purple, but I really don't see that happening, especially since this will be just off the kitchen!  I really don't thin pink or purple will match my red and brown kitchen.

Then of course we are changing the dining room around, just a little.  The girls are going to do a little extra decorating hanging a couple fall wreaths, pictures and of course placing some great smelling candles around the room!  We just have to have some cinnamon scented and some that smell like fresh baked pies!

We will be sprucing up the deck a little when it is finished with some of the old time looking lanterns, a little wheelbarrow planter and a few other small planters.  We will have our carpet in place, along with our patio furniture.  The one thing I really like is they are placing two skylights and two ceiling fans in!  Gotta love it!  I will do a post with pictures when it is all completed.

If you have time, take a minute and leave a comment telling us something you are doing to spruce up for the holidays.  Replacing furniture, painting, adding some fall or winter decor.  Share with us here At the Fence!

Be sure during all your holiday hustle and bustle, decorating and buying, to make sure you spend time with your family.

Disclosure:This is a Sponosred Post.

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