Thursday, November 8, 2012

Modest Skirts Are Hard to Find

Hi Neighbors!

As many of you know, we are very conservative in our dress.  I used to wear jumpers quite a bit, that I or one of my daughters had sewn.  Yes, they all know how to sew, although the younger two are just beginners.  They will eventually do harder patterns.  One of my daughters can mesh two patterns together.  She definitely surpassed my sewing abilities.  She will take the bodice from one, add the skirt from another and then sometimes take a collar or sleeves from a totally different pattern. 

Anyway, one of the reasons I learned to sew and then taught my daughters how to sew is because it is so difficult to find modest skirts or dresses.  Especially when my daughters grew and they still wanted their skirts and dresses a certain length.  Occasionally they would purchase one and then add lace or a ruffle to the bottom of the skirt.  We have also made petticoats with ruffles at the bottom that will peek out.

When the girls were younger, for modesty sake we had them wear bloomers under their dresses and skirts.  This way they could play, run, climb, or ride a bike without being immodest.  I can't tell you how many times I was glad we learned to make bloomers.

In one particular situation when my, now twelve year old was only two, we were visiting a church.  After my husband preached the two older girls and I went forward to sing a special.  Imagine the thoughts going through my mind when I saw my two year old laying on the pew, with her head hanging off and her feet waving over the back of the pew.  Yes, she was wearing bloomers.  Her brother didn't even notice her!  It was very hard not to laugh while we were singing.  I managed to make it through the song and hurried to sit down and "right" the situation.  We still laugh over this event.

I am always excited when long modest skirts are in style.  It makes life so much easier.  What do you do to find or make modest apparel?  Have you learned to sew?  Share in a comment here with us!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for Downeast, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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