Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hotel Supplies

Hello Neighbors!

 How are you all doing today?  How many of you have gone to hotels and had problems? As you all know we go several times a year.  And although we normally have a great time, occasionally there are problems.  Like the time we checked in and there were obvious saliva stains on the pillowcase. YUCK!  I'm sure everyone has a problem at one point or another.  Leave a comment and tell me if you have ever had problems at a hotel.  I personally am thinking that some of the problems are the employees but many of the problems are management.  Finding a good company with Hotel Supplies is a plus.  I mean, your first impression of a room usually lasts. I found a place called Peachsuite hotel supply it has pretty much everything you can think of that a hotel needs it was so neat looking around on there.

Not only do they carry bedding and bathroom supplies, but they carry cleaning supplies as well.  I was amazed at the amenities they have available for hotel rooms.  This is where you can also purchase blenders, toasters and blow dryers.  You will find hotel catering supplies here as well.

It is funny the differences in the hotels we have stayed at around the country.  Everything from small mom and pop to large, fancy hotels.  My children of course love when the hotels have a restaurant attached.  They really enjoy being able to eat right there and not having to run out again!  We stayed at one hotel for our anniversary that would bring the food to your room.  Not bad, but slightly expensive.

Well neighbors, have a great day!  Thank you for visiting with us At the Fence.  Please stop by again soon!

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blessnel said...

I had a problem once when the hotel I stayed at didn't even have an ironbox to iron my clothes! And I had an interview the next day!

Linda Meyers-Gabbard said...

Not to gross anyone out but....i watched one of those hidden camera news shows where they watched how well different hotels/motels cleaning people cleaned.
I got sick watching it because they showed them using a towel that was left on the floor to wipe down the shower (no cleaning solution used) then wipe the toilet (again no cleaning solution) then she poured the coffee out of the coffee pot and wiped it out with that same dirty towel....then she wiped the sink and counter off. This was a upscale hotel mind you.
They showed another woman at a different hotel wipe the glass drinking glasses and ice bucket out with a cleaning rag the put those paper lid things on the drinking glasses so whoever came in would think they were clean.
Whenever my hubby and I travel we take our own coffee pot, mugs and glasses. I also take my own pillow cases and sometimes towels.