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Have You Ever Used an Auto Body Shop?

Hey Neighbors!

Have any of you ever used an auto body repair shop?  (Maybe an auto body shop Columbus Ohio.)  I can remember back to helping my dad with body work on vehicles.  Since I was the first born I often was chosen to help.  My brother was five years younger than I was, so I was quite entrenched as "Daddy's Helper" before he was ever old enough to help.  Not only did my father do body work he also did regular automotive repairs.  So when we purchased a vehicle needing body work, my husband and I decided to do it ourselves.

Anyway, here is the story I want to share.  We were traveling one year to Missouri to look at some property.  We had just recently purchased a yellow Suburban.  We even named it Leviathan.  One of the older ones that is really well made.  The inside was in spectacular shape, but the outside needed some work.  We decided we could do some of the Bondo work ourselves.

So, we headed out on our road trip planning to start the work after we returned.  There we were, late at night, right after making a pit stop for a couple of snacks.  We were talking and the two girls were in the back with the two boys, when out of nowhere a vehicle slammed into the side of our Suburban.  They T-boned us on the highway.  Not knowing if this person was "stable" or not we proceeded a short distance to the exit and called 911.  After the officers arrived we told them what happened and they went back to pick up the other driver.

We decided to finish the trip even though the passenger's door on the driver's side was damaged and the driver's door wouldn't even open.  My husband was climbing in and out of his window.  After two days on the road my husband was ready to quit and go home.  We managed to finally get the door open, so we finished the trip.

Now we had to decide what to do.  Bondo work really wasn't going to take care of this problem.  What a relief it was to find out that the other driver's insurance was going to cover the repairs.  To our surprise though, they totaled the Suburban and gave us a check for more than we had paid for it.  We went out and were able to purchase a newer Suburban!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for Combs Collision, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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